May 19, 2009

'I'm a Standout in Life'

Collaboration of tiGer & nuffnang has brought us, yet another Party in JuNe, my buffiday Month!!
with free Flow of tiGer beer & buNches of Craziest NuffNaNgers - there ain't a reasoN to miss the Partay!!

as the title always do - speak for itself - and tHis post is Meant to staNd out!!
*cracking my knuckles*

eVeryBody has their owN way and so Do I

I staNd out in My life because~~~

I create FusioN that No oNe else Did

I COmpose My oWn meLodies

I wiSh my readers in my own way *wiNk*

anGels Love Me

I liVe in Ball woRld - No oNe did!!

I lOok YouNg, say 11years Old?

*turn arouNd* and I loOk much conFusing

*Pop* I have aNother perSonality

aiN't that CoOl??


  1. you really do standout, pairing the snack and noodles...

  2. thanks^^ that is simPly one

  3. Have fun at the party! :D

  4. I like the melody that u composed!
    It's remind me of Langlang.. =D

  5. Wow, the melody u composed is awesome! U r indeed a standout!

  6. Fumoffu, if only I get it.

    JenSem, iriene, it was kinda boring as my teacher said. So need to improve more!!

  7. Hitomism always stand out in her own style own way own charm own personality!~~
    U'r definitely unique even in a big

    o.O snakey salmon fishy O.o

  8. salmonfishy, thanks for the compliment^^


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