May 7, 2009

deMon or anGeL?

ReCessiOn is deFinitely not bashiNg the eConomy as now we Have one party just after aNOther, for who?

woOt, must say it is Great to be part of Glitterati^^

In CoNjuction with LG BLoG Launch, whiCh aims to provide better customer services as well as reaching to more and more communities all around the woRld, Glitteratis are Invited to attend the EXCLUSIVE event!!

Date : 8 May 2009 (Friday)
Time : 8pm till late
Venue : Metropol Bar, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng, KL
Dress theme : Angelic White / Devilish Red

If you happen to Be Purest anGel or WiCked deVil, you can walk away with LG LCD TV!!
If you happen to Be conFused anGel & deVil, you can walk away with Mystery Prize

SoO, have you get reaDy your ProPs??
tOo bad My wardRobe has noThing impressiVe so do expect me to Dress nOrmal...sad sad

But soMething Might be interesting, haha, yes, a LG arena PhoNe, for after eVent most creatiVe bloG post
sTay tuNed!!


  1. Anonymous1:21 AM

    haha all the best!
    hope you win some! =D

  2. HitoMi^^,

    I have to pass on this event.

    The drive would ruin my car.

    Dont't even mention flying, have you checked round air from DTW to Malaysia.

    Have a great time and great weekend!


  3. thanks kenwooi, but all I would probably go for is the Ipod?? but well, so many people out there, so yea, wish I can win LOL

    david, hope you are alright. have a good weekend too!!

  4. wish u can win and also share the fun with us in ur blog

  5. everything Malaysia, I wish I scratching my head to make the MOst creative Post haha


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