May 17, 2009

Calling peoPle for streeTs shoOting

hey eVeryBody,
it is SuNday ^^

so HOw was your weeKeNd??

I have fiNally finished my InterNship at KPMG.
so Currently tHis week I would be very Free

aM planning for streets sHoot, anYone interested??

Day : TuesDay, 19th May 2009
TiMe : 9am to 4pm ( You can Join anYtiMe, just giVe me a Call ^^ please Add me
msn -
Location : buKit biNtanG


  1. street shoot izzit..hmm..interesting..might be able to join kua..

    but i have test on thursday..we'll see how ok..keep me updated..

  2. street shoot? What is it about?

  3. Sobs I wish I could join, but too bad I'm in hometown that day :(

    Linked you up girl :)

  4. since you're doing it there,

    i believe i will be able to make it, though i'll only be there around 3pm++

    i'll call if i do make it.

  5. wah why on tuesday wan, got class lol -_-

  6. I wan!!I wan!!!^.^

  7. COme come everybodY^^

    Sean Yee, you at Kedah right??

    Bryan, I am having a week holiday - it is ok - i am sure there is next time

    SerGe, that is real late haha!!

    Jac, thanks for liNKing. I know. It is ok^^

    Zues, just to shoot some busy streets of KL as well as deserted areas

    Yatz, will keep you updated for sure


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