May 24, 2009

Bukit Bintang streetShoOt - SkieS

Hmm, I thiNk it is the TiMe.
siNce I have aNother pHotoShoot coMing on, so I better PoSt theSe up first ^^

so tHis post is all aBout the SkiEs

*in Love with Aura*

Back to thoSe days withOut DSLR and a ProPer Photo editing Software, I reSorted to use My VGA camera to sHoOt the skies


Of Course, PhoTos in this Post are deFinitely Edited and ShoT with My caNon EOS 1000D

All taKen in the Last streetShoOt, which was orGanised By yours truly on 19th May 2009

I Love tHis picture - tHe leaves are so Cute when it pairs with the RoundiSh Street LaMp

*sPOt LiGhts sPot LiGhts please*

BluiSh and tHus charMing

aNother favOurite of Mine - *wheN suN meets Star*

a tiNy switCh of anGle

so DO you know tHis builDing??

Its refleCtion & the skY

*MiRRor mirror On the wall, whose the Fairest of them All*

aNother favOurite of Mine - it was deadly stuNning, to me

tHat's all for now, there are More up Next for Bukit Bintang StreetShoOt


  1. haha all nice sky pic =)..i love it

  2. Your photo really nice =) looking forward for tuesday, lol

  3. I like 7th pic the pmost hehe!

  4. nice nice... teach me more next time k?

  5. the cheapest beauty of all would be the beauty of nature... and its the one that really could soothe one's mood..

  6. jLoi, thanks alot dude!!

    Leo, sure thing, I look forward to it too...

    Jac, hehe, i like that too^^

    Isaac, if only you can bring your dslr

    Cindy, no doubt about that. though it was very eye-piercing sunshine. it was definitely worthwhile

  7. different people like different angle haha^^

    actually I love both

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. haha, short the comment

  10. woah...... Nice! Especially the one with the two buildings in. You use the Wide angle mode ah?

  11. nice shot,sister...i am vy happy to see u developing ur skill...haha..add oil!!add oil!!

  12. jeffro is short .. so short comment lo.

    but yeah awesome pix

  13. Stephy, I don't know there is such function for wide angle pic but I just shot like normal

    Sean yee, when Only we can go shooting together??

    SerGE, haha, so bad. Thanks for the compliment

  14. i like the 7th and last pics.

    Need to more caution in editing and shooting the sky to avoid the sky overexpose.
    When shooting need to under normal exposure to capture of sky's details and the dark place can be edit back to brighter actually...

    Anyway, have a good try... Keep it up!!!

  15. thanks eric for the advice^^ will improve on it ASAP

  16. u make me fall in love wit d sky so much now lo..
    i nvr realize the beauty of the sky..
    insipre by u lol~

    o.O snakey salmon fishy O.o

  17. salmonfishy, where have you been!!

    hehe, I always love the sky. It has been edited. so you see very very bluish sky^^


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