May 26, 2009

BuKit bintang streetShoot - randoMity

Here comes the second part of Bukit Bintang Streetshoot. It says "RanDoMity"

*wHen liNearity has been ChaLLenged*

I guess pretty much of you guys love the first part, Bukit Bintang Streetshoot - Skies, so I hope this won't disappoint you either.

*Should I go left or Right for taxi??*

Walking along Bukit Bintang, searching for random stuffs to be shot

*It is always jamming, busy*

It was hot, but after all, it was worthwhile

*skyscrapers, people, and automobiles*

Perhaps I need to get myself a cap

*Need soMe shade?*

It was good to have companies along, at least I was not alone

*BomBa pipe & pHotographer*

wonDer which part of Bukit Bintang??

*KL monorail* as it says

Regardless of where you are, Safety first

*waiting it to turn Green*

Regardless of who you are, I want to say, Do not smoke

*smoking is bad for health*

wHen it went green, we waited, why rush??

*it will turn red when time comes*

a Brand new perspective it is

*where am I* - have you ever know what is it??

As we wandered around, we spotted this

*graffiti* - Guess what we did over there??

ah, Do correct me if I am wrong

*daNcer or Danger*

The sun has shone mercilessly nevertheless

*striking beauty* - hardly compellable

But we should not give up

*Move on*

But we did stop for rest

*Rest because we have a longer journey to proceed*

so Take a break

*starbucks, anyOne??*

So shall I end this post with tHis ranDom liGht picture

*Light trace*

tHis is not the end, but the end is yet to come.


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    nice one...

  2. Danger jadi Dancer...T_T

  3. I really like the composition in a lot of these shots. And you're getting some nice saturation - all of these pix have kind of a vintage color look. Great stuff! What kind of camera do you use?

  4. HitoMi^^,

    Good to see the creative side of your photography!

    Just a few tips. The sky in most of the photos look blown out. This is common to snap and shoot pics and can be fixed with your photo editor.

    Some of the shadows are to dark, which is another item easily fixed with a photo editor.

    I know I commit the same little errors all the time.

    Looking forward to seeing more!


  5. i like the brand new perspective very much

  6. thanks Dsaint

    Tolanic, what to do, save COST!!

    Jhnhth, thanks. I edited them to produce the vintage feel. at least, you see and you feel something from the pictures. I am currently using Canon EOS 1000D

    David, you are back^^ It is my first batch of editing. So yea, it is kind of new to me.

    I am still noob in editing. which pictures have heavy shadows?? and Blown out means??

    why not you add me in msn -^^ then I can ask for your comments when i see you

    SerGe, heee, me love that too. It is really new. And only me getting the shots.

  7. I like the shots where the sky is blown out (overexposed) and the shadows are dark, like in "skyscrapers, people and automobiles" - it feels cinematic to me. I can kinda get this look in Photoshop by knocking up the exposure and knocking down the offset in the exposure window (Image / Adjust / Exposure). I have also gotten this (without processing) when shooting color film in a plastic Holga camera. I am a total hack, btw, but I know what I like. : )

  8. hmm i too am curious about david's comment

  9. jhnhth, I understood now. Hee, actually I like to blown out the sky too haha...and the dark shadows. originally it is not blown out but after the editing it is.

    serGe, yaa, same here

  10. nice photos! you're getting real good =D

    teach me editing! haha

  11. whoa~~ nice pics eh!!! which brand n which model of cam u used???

  12. Yang, whoa, it is surprise to see your first comment here!! thanks^^ I am stil learning. but we shall share

    Lisa, thanks^^ it is my Canon EOS 1000D

  13. HitoMi^^,

    An example of blownout highlights is found in the picture you call Striking beauty.

    The sky is to bright and without color.

    Shooting skyward is a challenge, and careful image manipulation can make the sky look blue again.

    Blownout highlights are something I am just to lazy to fix.


    BTW, the new street scene pictures are very good!

  14. David, I am lazy too >.< so I shall leave it as it is, it is slightly overexposed but still can see the sky


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