May 28, 2009

Bukit BInTang streetShoot - peOple

HitoMi HiSses : schedule is KiLLing me. I have so ManY things to do in so Little tiMe!!
perHaps I have to sacrifice My tiMe for bloGging >.<

tHis is the final part of Bukit Bintang StreetShoot, precedented with Skies shot & ranDomity
and it is all about people, people, and PEOPLE!!

Cheng cheng Cheng cheNg~~~ * Patrol cops on Duty *

IntroDucing tHe man with Big Belly, Mr DuSty

* Sweaty & duSty *

* caPturing sMoke *

HoPe mr Dusty woN't bang me for sHowing his uGly pictures ^^

Cause I had soMe decent sHots too!!

* Chilling *

* eLemente of suRpise * - woNder why he so HappY??

... End of Dusty....

as we strolled aloNg, I tried to Capture as much canDid as I can.
Here are what I have Got to sNap, without their perMission >.<

* MusCular & NiKe *

* SaMan tiMe *

* Jackie on aCtion *

* faShionaBle yet attracTive * - ArMani exChange!!

* Cute little Indi cHild *

tHanks for those who Came along - JacKie, Dusty, EriC - for beinG my KakiS for shoOting
and for tHose who appeared theMselves - ViCtoria, eVelyn, NiGel & berNard

this is My toKen of appreciation to JacKie, EriC

* we RuleZ *

Last but not Least, Let me present you My indecent JuMp

* I believe I can fly * - I know it LooKs fuNny, that's why I named it IndeCent LOL


  1. Dusty is so sweaty! Haha... and that muscular guy holding his dick for what?

  2. apa big tummy ? CIS!!!

    Hitomi... i'll get you for this

  3. this is before our shot right? hehe

  4. hey hey.. i very *heart* the last picture!!! haha ...

    if your hand not blurred and your legs just a little bit higher off the ground then it would be perfect!!!

    anyway good job!!! haha... i wanna go shoot KL too!!! :(

  5. Isaac, yea la, he cannot stand under sun one. Muscular guy was holding his belt nia. Your eyes senget eh?

    SerGe, don't don't...or else I dun wan to appear in any event edi

    Leo, yea yea, this is way before the Jungle shoOt *felt itchy now*

    BoonMing, yea, i know my hands are blurred and the pose also kinda cacat. Jom jom we go together next time!!

  6. wow~~ i love the last shot!!

  7. isaac - ya sweaty ... u never sweat before is it ??

    hitomi - i wont do that yet.. there is somethings that i need to say before i do that XD

  8. your shots made kl looks interesting, i didn't know that while i was still in kl.. maybe need to explore kl more abit when i'm back.

  9. Lisa, you sure??

    SerGe, what you wanna say?? Eee...I wanna MIA myself from any NN events edi *sigh*

    Cindy, hmm, maybe it is not just about shopping. You just have to explore more and observe how interesting things can be


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