May 11, 2009

Back to 2007

CouNtdown to hitoMi5 bloGsPot birthDay -----> 6 daYs more
NO furTher delays shall be toLerated...

to tHose whoM have Came to this blog for a purPose - Law tutoRial answers - you Have came to the RiGht pLace
surPrisingly it Helps lotsa students out there, shouldn't that be my PleaSure?

BaCk in 2007, maNy first tiMeS in my life

  • tHe first tiMe I went to CLub - RuuMS - which is No loNger eXis
  • the first tiMe I ceLebrated most Birthdays, miNe & my Student weLfare COmmittees aka Siao Gang - I missed old times, and yet knowingly it could not be retrieve anyore
  • tHe first tiMe I was inVolved in FuNd raiSing and Gosh, we had Lotsa fuN~!!
  • the First tiMe I kiSsed with a Girl
  • tHe first tiMe viSit to Eye on Malaysia, tasiK titiwanGsa with soMeOne-Once-speCial

GueSs that Concludes the Year of 2007...goTta hit the SaCk now...


  1. OMG... OMG... OMG...

    I can't stop OMG...! COOL!

  2. You look adorable in short hair xD

  3. the years has changed you. You look a lil bit chubbier in 2007. but cute nevertheless

    ps - how was the kiss with the girl XD?

  4. yes, IsaaC, what made you can't stop OMG?

    fuMoffu, thanks thanks but the reason Why i left my hair long because of my ex ^^

    serGe, wah, sei mou, chubbier some more!!
    tHe kiss was aMazing haha!!

  5. of course chubbier summore...

    but now different lo


  6. erm, different for sure yes la...but how different?

    me still that chubby le

  7. different in a way lar.. hard to explain

  8. LOL
    you look so different with short hair!

  9. woah.. so short hair last time..
    wootza! didn't know that.. not bad wor.. =)

  10. Ink, yes, I kissed a girl and I liked it?

    haha, anyway, surPrise everyBody!!

    Jeffro, nice ar? might get it short back

  11. I'm glad that your hairstyle is not like that anymore.

  12. i miss the old times we being together
    it was ways so fun, wild , crazy, freedom..
    N it gives us lots of unforgotable memories..
    no matter happy or sad..
    But as u said
    'yet knowingly it could not be retrieve anymore'
    from ur blog posting bout law tutorial ans til now yet colourful & excitement in life.
    i think u changed lots from the last time hitomi i know til m I
    but i know is a good changes..
    cox u seems to b more enjoyed & hapi in ur life~~
    if can i sure willing b ur yeye..
    but now we'r mature so we wont call each others lidat..
    but worth to rmb n hv it!
    if time allowed me to travel back,
    i think i will..
    atleast i hope tat innocent hapiness wil stay forever~~~
    do u??
    but we gota look fwd in life right?

    o.O snakey salmon fishy O.o

  13. siMon, haha, tiMe to change

    salMon, it was crazy but memorable tiMe. But too bad, everybody has to move on. Everything changes.

    I am glad to be ur cucu haha...
    You will still be my ye ye one.
    so how have you been??


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