May 9, 2009

AnGels & deVils COngloMerate on the Go!!

GoOd goD!!
tHe most funDamental theoRy has to be aboLished and replaced by the BraNd new reVolutionaRy pHilosoPhy

deVils and AnGels weRe no LonGer in the contraDictory disPute as LG has BrouGht both parTies toGether last Night at MetroPol bar

and maGically enJoyed themselVes - how Could they DOn't??
Heaven & heLL has NO lonGer Bound each otHer anymore!!

seXy deVils~~

Cute anGel

boMba deVil, whoM just In love with the COnfused state with the FusioN - people, COnglomerate afterMath!!

baLLoOn anGel

aNimated deVil~~

OMG I was left PerpleXed by the FaCt that deVils miNgle with anGels, and brought the whoLe new reVOlution to a 360-deGree spiNning

I was .... I were ... I would ... be in speLL-bouNd speEchless state

how COme?? Oh god knows why...

taKe a break, and HeiNeKen-ied yourseLf

Free-Of-CharGes, of Course, to the VicTory of COnglomeraTe initiaL iNititaion

But Wait!!

I tHink heiNeKen has heiNeken-ised soMeone rather Badly

*ruBbing eyes hard* OH man!! tHis is Shrek DeViL!!!!


  1. Now Simon looks even more like Shrek!! XD

  2. exactly duDe, give me high 5!!

  3. hahahahaha simon oh simon

  4. Hee, have you started your creative post?

  5. I found you!!! cute gal~ ;)

  6. Simon's damn funny =P

  7. ruby, I miss you liKe crazY!!

    Jeffro, yes siMon very farny one.


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