May 3, 2009

AMBP 3rd GatheriNg & star TreK screeNing @ one Utama - 010509

010509 was LabOur day... fiNally we can Have a break out of everyday's hectic working life!!
How did You celebrate tHis holiday??

AllMalaysian Bloggers Project had chosen this holiday to hold this gathering & screening at One utama, which was unusually packed with Tonnes of incoming cars and pitiful traffic of outGoing cars.

I was Invited, HoOray!! a Break that Just caMe in at the Right tiMing^^

tHe event was said to beGin at 1.30pm, but, as usual, Malaysian TimiNg...need to Add in soMe "tiMing differenCes". sarCastically I was One of the Malaysians who caMe late, ish, due to many many "undue circumstances" *cough*

I was stariNg in awe as I have Never enCOuntered suCh a cHaotic situation would it be outside One utaMa.
Oh goSh, it was MarVeLLous - "Parking Full" siGns were eVerywhere!!

I waited for No time and straiGht away parked my car at tHe furthest side of DataraN car park, and Sprinted all the way to Secret ReCipe.

LuCkily it wasn't hard to Spot tHis - stuDio V !! *breathing furiously & sweating vehemently*

aNd I waited LoNg before I headed to claim my tiCkets - what to Do?? My guests had not aPpeared at aLL

I was so forGetful - I didn't grab My tiCkets with Nice seats, if I were to redeem it earlier - tHinking back, it did not matter at all now.

Look at the CrowDs!!

iCe breaking tiMe...find the Other two with tHe same cards as yours!!

I found theM with ease^^ as Julian actually came to Me haha!! *introduCing julian aka Bob marley in Nuffnang MusiC bash & taMmy*

Meet Orang TerBang - can Give me soMe kuasa??

UrGed by Mr berNard whoM loves greeN tea daMn much!! *Don't rush me la...I was on My way le...*

first Two trios were Fighting to Win soMe freeBies!! ObViously Not me haha

Mr BerNard's team was oNe of the two triOs whom attended to the DJs - He was obviously ruNning out of breath spelling out the other two members of his team's Name, blog or priMary schooL *peace peace, greeN tea, take a sip of yourself LOL*

afTer that, representatives from Two trioS had to do "One-two-Jus" to win - how LaMe!!

two DJs from Red FM was Hosting the GatHering

Light refreshMents were served. I have to say it was Not bad either. at Least it provided soMe enerGy for more MetaboLism later

tHe treaSure HuNt organiser was Busy GiVing rolls and rolls of Rules & reGulations whiCh I had not listened attentively, not even tried.

NiGel aka orang terBang aka fly Guy was bored...

ThouGh I registered for the treasure Hunt, but I was not giVen tHe form - what a Nicely organised Hunt huh??
so I tagged aLong mr BerNard & ciCak aka IsaaC for the HunT

maCam reading Exam papers nia...Damn Long instruCtions!!

Mr BerNard, Louis, & ZhaO were stariNg at the direCtory BOard for aNswers... *seRious mode - on*

MoOn & I left berNard & ciCak for a retreat in StuDio V aNd we toOk these..

caPtain MoON *seXy capTain, agree??*

capTain NiGel *hamSap guy - be careful*

caPtain hiToMi *friEndly sial*

tHen then tHen, I spotted the CamcOrder with MiRRor - so what I did was....

caMwhore~~*InnoCent lOoking*

tHen flyGuy Joined me *don't Complain Me Moving can or not!!*

tHen another Cicak joined in ^^

theM MaKing funNy faces

KoNon kononnya there was a BloGger interview seSsion but I spotted none of them InterViewing either - disaPpointingnya...

so we weNt to starBucks to have a Break aGain!!

Hee...My faVourite Java Chip!!

BerNard, CiCak aka IsaaC & MoOn

MoOn , NiGel & Me *Nigel so Happy BOO-ing the OranGe juice - he Kaya betul, went to StarbuCks for orange JuiCe*

seriOusly I had the Worst JAVA CHIP ever, what turf!! Don't ever go to One utaMa starbUcks, please GO to coffee Bean instead

come coMe, let's have a Group sHot *Oops, berNard kena Chopped!!*

raNdom shot

Oh My god, tHis shot was taken By Cicak *insisting Bernard is the Unnecessary thing LOL padahal the Peri Peri was being blurred & obviously NOt the obJect*

afTer the Coffee break, we headed back to StuDio V

FaNatic Fans of star TreK~~

sCandaLous Duo!! *Nigel needs More proteCtion*

MoOn posing for NiGel *preTty right??*

NiGel was Caught in action *faster tHank me for the COol shot!!*

someHow I love the FEeling of this picture thOugh I was ChoPped

tHen we proceeded to GSC - as uSual, we were to dePosit the cameras, HandPhones and other Gadgets before we Headed into the CiNema

tHe movie was Great and I rated it 3.5/5. I LiKe how the TheMes - reVenGe, forMality, Love - were fused into tHe movie. The effect was very Real, shouldn't it be given another ThumB's up??

perHaps not a thuM's up, but *Live loNg & proSper*

I had a Mixture of feeliNgs,
I was totally left emotionally disturBed due to maNy many things that suMmed up together.
I hate the Feelings, and those who KNew why, You knew.

I went to DeSa parK city aGain.
Failed to Claim My free New ZeaLand iCe cream - was aGain disappoiNted and NOw there was nothing to Lift up My Mood...

was Totally disaPpointed

aNd Left aLone

who Would care??

perHaps, the nature the Best...

at least, You would not leave me aLone...

tHis would best descriBe my feeling

aNd I wanted a Shout so badly that I was left in aGony!!


  1. i like the last few images. especially the lightning

  2. serGe, I am speeChless

  3. And as for me, I like the second last picture more :D

  4. why are you speechless ?

  5. I like the second last too^^

    i am speechless because of what you have commented on

  6. oh come on , it is nice ok

  7. Anonymous6:20 PM

    haha nice outing huh?
    the lighting pics are awesome! =D
    you did them yourself?

  8. SerGe, just forget about it. thanks for the COmpliment - it is spontaneously Done

    KenWooi, nice but sad too...Yes, I did it myself. who would supply me those pictures??

  9. HitoMi^^,

    Interesting post.

    Some help with the manglish please:"Give me soMe kuasa..."
    Translation please.

    Captian MOon is cute.

    Captian HitoMi^^ has some very nice legs.

    Waiting for orders, just give the word!

    Labour Day, (or Labor Day in the states), does not come around here until September 7th this year.

    Very nice photos, your creativity is showing more!

    Have a great week Captian!


  10. Why nigel needs protection but not me? -_-"

  11. david, kuasa = power, so I want some power haha

    captain moon is cute but not pretty??
    thanks for the compliment - angle wise^^

    what kind of orders can be fulfilled??

    I see, by then You will have your holiday or perhaps vacation

    saw nigel's hand and your hand, tak sama tempat ma

  12. I also took ages to find parking :[

    Dunno why you're feeling blue, but I hope things get better soon :)

    You were looking very professional with your camera!

  13. Julian, it was the Busiest scene ever that I have ever seen!! plain craziness!!

    thanks for the compliment^^ that's something Good with a hanging dslr haha

    things have been better, thanks for concern^^

    going LG party?

  14. HitoMi^^,

    You and MoOn are both pretty!

    I think this has a lot to do with what side of the Pacific I am located.

    Girls with Asian features are a minority here. So most Asian girls appear attractive to me. Of course my wife is the prettiest.

    What is interesting, in my wifes homeland, Philippines, she is not considered so pretty due to her having more Chinese features than most Filipinas.

    Beauty as some say is in the eye of. . .

    More pictures please!


  15. Hi hitomi, nice blog u have it here...thanks for your visit in my blog and I already edit it, that was my mistake...cheers..:)

  16. David, I just forGot how western countries guys prefer asian girls^^

    more PiCtures??
    that's all the best I have got LOL

    thansk for the compliment, aries. what kiNd of mistakes you mean??

  17. HitoMi^^,

    Ditto! Now you know why I married an Asian girl.

    Best decision I ever made!

    Just an idea for more pictures of you, how about more in skirts?


  18. I always wear skirts haha. Just that, I didn't manage to capture the full body photos of mine due to many many restrictions and bla bla bla

  19. HitoMi^^,

    You gotta read the small print in the contract!

    So now you know about those nasty RESTRICTIONS!


  20. ur nitescapes n lighting painting is very good..i can feel u r getting better with ur toy now..

    here are some nitescapes tips 4 u:
    1)the best time to shoot nitescapes is 7.00 to 8.30..
    2)turn off ur IS..
    3)dun forget to brg tripod,i always forget tat,haiz..
    3)be careful with flare,but sometm flare can be interesting...
    4)to get star effect,set ur F value to F8~F16..too high is not gd cox..bla bla bla..nxt tm tel u la..
    5)for vehicle pass through the roads,if u wana get line effect,set ur shutter speed to 10s~30s...
    6)To shoot star track,go to a place free fom any light(important),u need a timer,set ur shutter speed to few hours,how??tel u nxt time k?
    7)Lastly,if wana shoot moon,best time is also 7.00 to 8.30

    tips for light painting:
    1)see more pro light painting photos..(dun refer to my photo,refer to pro photos,k??)
    2)try to look for more colour light source,but some tm single light source is oso gd..depend on u la..
    3)try to be creative!!tis is d most difficult,dun ask me how,cox i oso duno...

  21. good advise. on the nightscape

  22. Sean yee!! glad to see your Lengthy comMent over here...
    Isn't it the first tiMe??

    Haha, I have not bought any tripod lo. Looking forward to do some nightscape shooting with you, sifu!!

    I always love the star effect, I have doNe it in the Morning shooting too...

    I don't have telelense for mOon shooting, borrow me la!!

    Thanks so muChie for the information !!

    serGe, sifu ma, of course lo


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