May 30, 2009

Originality exposed

to tHose who has been Commented and criticized on my streetshoot photos, I am more than happy to express my gratitude here.

But I do wonder, do you know why I have excessively edited my pictures for my very first time??
to those whom love editing, you know why.
to those whom don't know, you shall know why soon after you read this post *wink*

:::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

::: Before :::

::: After :::

My Question : You prefer the edited version or original version??

May 28, 2009

Bukit BInTang streetShoot - peOple

HitoMi HiSses : schedule is KiLLing me. I have so ManY things to do in so Little tiMe!!
perHaps I have to sacrifice My tiMe for bloGging >.<

tHis is the final part of Bukit Bintang StreetShoot, precedented with Skies shot & ranDomity
and it is all about people, people, and PEOPLE!!

Cheng cheng Cheng cheNg~~~ * Patrol cops on Duty *

IntroDucing tHe man with Big Belly, Mr DuSty

* Sweaty & duSty *

* caPturing sMoke *

HoPe mr Dusty woN't bang me for sHowing his uGly pictures ^^

Cause I had soMe decent sHots too!!

* Chilling *

* eLemente of suRpise * - woNder why he so HappY??

... End of Dusty....

as we strolled aloNg, I tried to Capture as much canDid as I can.
Here are what I have Got to sNap, without their perMission >.<

* MusCular & NiKe *

* SaMan tiMe *

* Jackie on aCtion *

* faShionaBle yet attracTive * - ArMani exChange!!

* Cute little Indi cHild *

tHanks for those who Came along - JacKie, Dusty, EriC - for beinG my KakiS for shoOting
and for tHose who appeared theMselves - ViCtoria, eVelyn, NiGel & berNard

this is My toKen of appreciation to JacKie, EriC

* we RuleZ *

Last but not Least, Let me present you My indecent JuMp

* I believe I can fly * - I know it LooKs fuNny, that's why I named it IndeCent LOL

May 26, 2009

BuKit bintang streetShoot - randoMity

Here comes the second part of Bukit Bintang Streetshoot. It says "RanDoMity"

*wHen liNearity has been ChaLLenged*

I guess pretty much of you guys love the first part, Bukit Bintang Streetshoot - Skies, so I hope this won't disappoint you either.

*Should I go left or Right for taxi??*

Walking along Bukit Bintang, searching for random stuffs to be shot

*It is always jamming, busy*

It was hot, but after all, it was worthwhile

*skyscrapers, people, and automobiles*

Perhaps I need to get myself a cap

*Need soMe shade?*

It was good to have companies along, at least I was not alone

*BomBa pipe & pHotographer*

wonDer which part of Bukit Bintang??

*KL monorail* as it says

Regardless of where you are, Safety first

*waiting it to turn Green*

Regardless of who you are, I want to say, Do not smoke

*smoking is bad for health*

wHen it went green, we waited, why rush??

*it will turn red when time comes*

a Brand new perspective it is

*where am I* - have you ever know what is it??

As we wandered around, we spotted this

*graffiti* - Guess what we did over there??

ah, Do correct me if I am wrong

*daNcer or Danger*

The sun has shone mercilessly nevertheless

*striking beauty* - hardly compellable

But we should not give up

*Move on*

But we did stop for rest

*Rest because we have a longer journey to proceed*

so Take a break

*starbucks, anyOne??*

So shall I end this post with tHis ranDom liGht picture

*Light trace*

tHis is not the end, but the end is yet to come.

May 24, 2009

Bukit Bintang streetShoOt - SkieS

Hmm, I thiNk it is the TiMe.
siNce I have aNother pHotoShoot coMing on, so I better PoSt theSe up first ^^

so tHis post is all aBout the SkiEs

*in Love with Aura*

Back to thoSe days withOut DSLR and a ProPer Photo editing Software, I reSorted to use My VGA camera to sHoOt the skies


Of Course, PhoTos in this Post are deFinitely Edited and ShoT with My caNon EOS 1000D

All taKen in the Last streetShoOt, which was orGanised By yours truly on 19th May 2009

I Love tHis picture - tHe leaves are so Cute when it pairs with the RoundiSh Street LaMp

*sPOt LiGhts sPot LiGhts please*

BluiSh and tHus charMing

aNother favOurite of Mine - *wheN suN meets Star*

a tiNy switCh of anGle

so DO you know tHis builDing??

Its refleCtion & the skY

*MiRRor mirror On the wall, whose the Fairest of them All*

aNother favOurite of Mine - it was deadly stuNning, to me

tHat's all for now, there are More up Next for Bukit Bintang StreetShoOt

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