Apr 7, 2009

siCk mode

HitoMi is Once aGain on SiCk Mode after Nuffnang MusiC bash Party @ MaiSon and CluBbing @ POpPy
But thank GooDness I have two Days MC.

Really Need lotsa Sleep. And I did sleep like 14Hours just now. *LiKe Pig nia* FiNally I woke up and now BloGginG.

EnJOy the Nuffnang MusiC bash Post ^^ MiGht not Update for few Days thouGh - BrieF hiaTus?


  1. HitoMi,

    Get well soon!

    Must have been quite the party to get you so run down!

    Feel better!


  2. yes David. maybe not wholly because of the music bash...

    I went clubbing too - think that is the whole culprit LOL



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