Apr 10, 2009

sHOotiNg arouNd D HoMe

Gosh!! I have just suspended this post for 2months ++ =.=

Until the unknown insect also died for two MOnths

Bet i have to finish it before I started to post my DSLR pictures LOL

Picures in this post is WHOLLY taken with my Olympus FE-320 that has faithfully served me for a year but now was nearly half unattended with low battery and caressed by the layers of Dust on it *Wakaka...so Realistic*

*Love this Angle*

sTill, credits go to my Olympus FE-320 for nice photos prior to my ownership of Canon EOS 1000D. It would be used for Music Production - so called -

BasiCally I was strolling around My house and searching for "Objects" that has aroused my interest

Battered state

Oh my dear car that Gives me freeDom INDIRECTLY

So Nice the sky, how COuld I ever Miss it??

my Dad's TraCtor - UnemploYed like My dad =.=

sNeak peak anGle

I just wish my dad is Employed, and he gets a Job *sigh*

Lack of MOtivation and Initative leads to a Total DisapPointment

eVening sky was unusually bluish and somehow it chilled me down

that's our Mother Nature that I heart *please protect our Earth!!*

Gotta sign off now. HAve to drive to Glenmarie, Shah Alam for audit aGain - POof -


  1. I enjoyed taking pictures of clouds and skies. They are one of the most beautiful thing in the world. :)

  2. Yea, have to agree with you. The mother nature is just so Beautiful!!

  3. Great shots, nevertheless. :) Keep it coming yo!

  4. thanks Celine, it will be. NO worries^^


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