Apr 8, 2009

seCret reCipe & tHe loaF

HitoMi HissEs :

tHe last day On MC, kinda Bored at HoMe. I wish so Much I have Unlimited BroadBand, I wish I have a brand new Lappie~~

I am SiCk, so sad, canNot eat Nice food liao...

SuDDen crave for Secret ReCipe - Must say their cakes are slowly downgraded - aNy nice cake shop intro??

Apple CruMble cheese - not so Cheesy - it comes with crunchy layer - Just how I love it!!

SuGar free Choco Moist Cake - Supposed to be Nice but it turned to be so Hard and Unmoistured - DisaPpointed @@

HazelNut Cheese - Soft texture, strong AroMa, but too Cheesy, you will start to fed up with it after One piece

tHe loaf - it was my first tiMe eating the loaf - guess what they serve??

CaKes - Damn nice cakes where you cannot find it elsewhere

Their IngreDients are extraordinary - like this One, made of Poppy SeeD - very Mouthwatering texture - you can't stop have another pieCe

Cake anYone??

aNother cake from tHe loaf, Chocolate & HazelNut - Not too Sweet - Just riGht!!

CHocoLate - Kill me PLease...I cannot eat Chocolate now~~

Their Products are extraOrdinary and I bet the price speaks...HandMade Jam - you can chew the CuBes of fruits in it!!

See their brochures so Nice also know how Costly it would Be

tHe location also speaks for it

HaNya avaiLable at PaVilion & LangKawi saHaJa!!

they Sell Nice Chocolates & BisCuits too!! Argh....not aGain *&^^%

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