Apr 18, 2009

Roxy & Quiksilver Spring & Summer Collection Showcase 2009 @ Mid Valley - 150409

HitoMi Hisses :
Just doNe sHooting at another FaShion show at TunKu Abdul Rahman College Hall - would say tarCians designers are not bad too!! *wait for the upcoming post*

tHanks to NiGel Sia for the Invitation that I haD so Much trouble in Getting it but Glad that I had oNe at the last MinuTe^^

Roxy RoCks~ QuikSilver RoCks~ I have Free MuG & BadGes - CoOl, ain't it??
*Shoot with TeraNce's F1.8 50mm prime Lens - thanks aLot Man!!*

Hee...me with My inVitatioNe

It was My first tiMe shoOting for fashioN showCase with MeDia Pass but so Sad there were maNy meDias there too!!

suCh as...

Mr SerGe aka Mr LioNel aka Mr Free Hugs - seCond time Seeing HiM after NuffNang MusiC bash 2009 @ MaiSoN

Mr Guai Chai Kid aka Mr Howard U aka Mr Howie - First tiMe meeting HiM & hiS EQUIPMENTS - so LuckY that he has tHis shot, why I don't have??

of Course, there were manY more

tHese people here are all BloGgers tHat I know oF...*kindly ProCeed to FaCebook to find out who & who*

tHe staGe with MeDias

VIPs & OnLookers (without Passes of course!!)

Si NiGel teNgah CamWhore with KeLLy in the midst of the ThronG of MeDias

It was a Long wait...the Event had started an hour later than it ShouLd be, 7pm, but the GOoD thing was F&B was provided!!

eVen I caMe her ewith emPty stoMach - thank Goodness there were snacks for My Growling tuMmy^^

aNd fiNally, JoeY G. appeared on the staGe with his "SpeeCh"

Is that what an eMcee should be doing - reading SPeeCh?? He sounded more like mumbling OKIE

ForGet about tHe "Professional SpeeCh", let's ProCeed to the
first Collection - BeaCh wear

HoT baBes & MaCho Dudes~~

BiKiNis~~ WOot * shout on Behalf of all OogLing eYes - Just adMit it Dude*

HaWaii styLe hot Dudes - girls, Don't Oogle those Guys LOL

PrettY faCes, sliM fiGures, styLish walk - You'Ve got it Babe!!

waNna surF?? thEse hot Dudes would be willing to GuiDe you *wink*

GraB a top & it is ShoPping tiMe, Girls~~

::: My faVourite Male Model ::::

Up NeXt,
Casual & Formal Collection

LaDies first~~

::: My FaVourite Dress & FemaLe model :::

ReaDy for Chilling out??

wHeneVer you are ^^

to SpiCe up alittle, LeGging would be Just fine - soMehow I love it!!

Don't Ya think the riGht girl Looks like VaNessa HudGens (the Girl in HiGh school MusiCal) ??

eVer walk out to the Street with SuCh casuaLty?? *More like BeaCh wear to Me*

tHe dress on the RiGht LoOks COmfy^^

Now it is GuYs' tuRn~~

BoOkworM look, BeGgar Look, and ConfideNt Look *I love the exPression on HiM - Cute & frieNdly*

aDD on the JaCket & scarF it beComes casual

anOther NerD looking sPec LOL

waH...the Pant too Long is it

seMi forMal - how I like Guys who dress up like tHe left oNe

QUIKSILVER heading T-shirt - LiKe the one on the RiGht

I ruN out of Words *HeLp~~*

sCarfs seem like a treNd tapi Malaysia saNgat paNas tau??

My FavouRite Male MOdel again (Told you so, he is So YenG!!) & aNother takaSan lookiNg guY

tHe Cute & FrieNdly faCe, yes, aGaiN

Phew, finally fiNish edi...It toOk me so Long to edit those PiCtures & FYI, it is My very First time editing piCtures

thanks for the Photoscape Software, which is compatible with my WinDow ME ( I know it is like so Freaking Old but that is what I use for BloGging!!whoEver wanNa sponsor me a Laptop, you are welCoMe^^)

as aLways, tiMe for BloGGers camwhoring

ProMoting for RoXy - tapi tarak Commission puNya!!

saNdra (Top left) , Jess (boTtom Left), and siMon Seow (Right)

Si NiGel (Top left), StePhanie (bottoM left), YennieDoll (top RiGht) and Terri (BottoM right)

YennieDoll ::: RoXy ::: HitoMi

KeLLy, Hsu Jen & another Girl with DSLRs lol

Guai Chai Kid bu Guai la...LaoGai Face LOL

now here are soMe ranDom shots

YeNnieDoll : Tai Meh Tai, mou tai Go Leng Lui ar?? (See what see, never see Pretty Girl??)

Obviously was Helping YenNieDOll & siMon to Shoot

MuKa GeraM si NiGel - Nigel oh Nigel, don't so Hm gan Yuen la...(Offended)

Pretty boss of Si NiGel

tHe best thing was, they even serve red wiNe!! Woot...of course there are white wiNe, up to you what you want^^

tHOse who never notice, I actually was bit Dizzy after Gulping red wiNe * should have taste it slowly, I know I know* theN I resorted to get soMething for suPper before I drove hoMe.

McDonald tiMe~~

FrenCh fries for Me!! Actually only one, the rest were Suresh's - Big Eater

Last but Not least

Mind-Occupied Terry with McDonald

Nice meeting you, Terry & her Bro & Suresh - we Had crazy talk LOL!!


  1. ooooooooo.... nice photos ar... not bad at all seriously!! =D hahaha.. the power of dslr .. LOL =D

  2. andrew, thanks alot!! Still need you to guide me one...teach me to shoot better photos!!

    DSLR is way way better!!

  3. Looks very fun! Wish I can be there... >__<

  4. Anonymous2:26 AM

    wow nice... great pictures!
    makes me wanna get a dslr so much! lol

  5. wow! alamak i look greedy in d last pic :P like eye-ing someone else's food liddat. hehehe

    btw nice shots!! mine still in d midst of editing hehe

  6. oh wow. so u did get urself a dslr adi? cool =D

  7. JOsh, *pat pat shoulder* don't so sad la...you can have fun too!!

    Kenwooi, I love DSLR so muchie wei!! so Much so Much!!

    Terri, haha, duno what were you looking at either..fast fast edit them!!

    Jackie, you so outdated lo!! I went to nuffnang music bash with DSLR!!

  8. my spelling is kel li la: )

  9. haha, like i so lansi like that O_O

  10. u shud be the roxy model ler...hehehe....

  11. Oops Kel Li!! paiSeh paiseh

    JaniCe, nice to meet you^^

    YeNnieDoll, yea lo yea lo...ranDom shot is like that wakaka!!

    Via, what a compliMent, i wish I have one day model life!!

  12. Haha!
    Have you make a wallpaper with those shirtless model already? XD

  13. yorr.
    jeolous u again liao~~~~
    wuwu T__T
    Roxy summer wear showcase.
    i didnt even know about tiz..
    u so lucky got d media pass to shoot..
    arrr..wish able follow u go
    u look like full time photographers ady..
    hu is dat favourite male model u like? u know him D?
    wah..nt bad lo.
    u seems good in editing! d photo was nice..
    teach me lorr..hahahah~~
    waiting for ur tarc fashion showcase pic..hee~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  14. HitoMi^^,

    Nice fashion photos!

    Your shots are getting better.

    Have you ever thought of sharing your growing photo skill with aspiring models. You shoot to build your experience, the model gets the best photos for his/her portfolio.

    Ringo @ cheeseland just had little fashion post, and someone had to shoot her pics.

    Keep looking for opportunities to shoot. BTW find a sponsor for replacing your aging PC. Some of the newer digital imaging software will not run on anything older than WIN XP.

    Have a great week!


  15. Tian Chad, I am not Les les lol...
    If you want, you can make one haha..

    Simon, actually I also duno if my friend din ask me whether I wanted to go or not. Need passes le..so hard only get one for myself.

    Sorry yea. I wish I was a full time photogrpaher...That favourite model I duno him la...Saja coz he most attractive, to me.

    First time editing. Just play play la...coz too many photos. so combine it^^
    thanks goodness still got photoscape for my window ME

    Soon, the tarc temptation fashion show will be posted!!

    David, finally saw your comment haha^^

    Getting better with the right equipment but still there are whole Lot of improvements to be made.

    My sifu said practice makes perfect - think I have to shoot more then only I can improve

    David, cheesie is way famous than she seems to be, to you. She has whole lot of contacts that can be anytime shoot for her. And on top of all these, she always get paid for every modeling she did.

    Plus, she entered Malaysian DreamGirl first season, which makes her even famous OH gosh...who will need me this kind of amateur photographer??

  16. Oops, david, who is the someOne who wil be willing to sponsor me a laptop?? No one unless you have something in return.

    NOthing comes free.

    I know. I have hard time finding software. Until my friend introduced me this photoscape then I searched around for my window. FInally!!

  17. nice photos taken.......

  18. I saw my face! haha! nice shots of the event! and nice meeting you too :)

  19. Yea yea, of course you do^^ Nice Meeting you too!!


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