Apr 30, 2009

reWind to yeaR 2006

2006 marked the BeGinNing of tHis very BloG - from inSiGnifiCant status to soMe soRta low proFile status, as for Now.

tHe traFFic has neiTher iMpresSive nor sTunning
But muCh coMpenSating is tHere are ReaDers who Keep on viSiting on and off - Chatting, CommeNting, and shaRing mutual interests - I reaLLy appreciaTe what BloG has Got to oFFer

I shAn't diGress...

soMe hiGhlights in 2006

woRdy was the WorD to desCribe My BloG, sinCe I haVe no caMera at ALL!! no Camera pHone, no diGital camera, no DSLR *I doubt if I know what is DSLR back then*

untiL I has Got my first Camera PhoNe, MotoroLa V360
eVer siNce, my BloG has BeeN sliGhtly more COlourful

Oh yea, Did I ever menTion that I haVe actually inSpired By KeNny sia?? Yea, he did, MoreOver, finally I have my streaMyx - tHat's why I couLd start BLoGGing!!

Up neXt, reWind to YeaR 2007


  1. well..i love ur random sharings~~~~~
    about love n marriage~~
    gosh i din even know ur 1st love guy cloud!~~~ well..sounded romantic n puppy love wit secretly hide..
    bt then i feel ur parents too restrictive n control to your life lerxx..
    no wonder~~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  2. it has been such a Long time I have not done any random sharing

    Haha, it is ok that you never know. because I never tell anyone

    quite lovely but it did not last...

    every parent is the same, is just that how much you fight for it. it is not bad after all.

    at least now I know what I want. just that so hard to find another one for me again


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