Apr 5, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 @ MaiSon - Full Coverage

It was just yesterday, 4th April, that Nuffnang had held their Music Bash 2009 at MaiSon, Kuala Lumpur.

It was a great success as having a Good emCee has definitely Gave Double lifts to the event, but not to forGet those Crews whom were burying their heads in organizing and monitoring the event itself.

For those who Have not been to the MuSic bash, no worries because I am here to report the full coverage^^
Don't say I don't warn you.

This is the Post with 70++ pictures, with around 500kb each, just to preserve the quality of the shots taken by My canon EOS 1000D

>>>>> LaGging might Occur.

I reached MaiSon around 6.30pm, which was bit late because I rushed all the way from work and make up just to attend this Event!!

There were already STARS at tHe entraNce (with Red Carpet) - yes, You spot alot of FunKy people here because they were Imitating STARS *sings TwinKle TwinkLe little Star, how I wonder who you are*

We headed into MaiSon soon after we Registered Ourselves at the Booth

tHe event has already started off with Games session for BloGGers to win SOme cooL prizes, like TopShop Vouchers. tHe One wearing cap on stage is the EmCee of the Night, Liang *Liang Tiang Liang LOL* and Robb Chew, from Nuffnang *this picture shows you the Smiley Robb, grab it if You want*

anSwer me Babe, what is the Song, then you Walk away with Topshop vouchers *CoOl...I want!!*

aNother Game session - see who has the Biggest Lung EVER- Scream All you want in oNe breath, and You walk away with SunGlasses *oh Man!!*

ZaChary on Action, with Bryan Cheering behind - try Harder duDe!! LoNger~~~ *Sound wrong*

tHe winner is the Girl here, Natalie, do correct me if I am wrong - She has Good Vocal, should Join One in a Million - instead of a sunglass, you get One MillioN!!

tHe crowds- Checked

VIP & SpotLight - Checked

eVent photographer, Shutter GOD, ShaoLinTiger on - Checked

I wanNa tell you I am so Freaking Proud with My 1000D - it took great photos without flash.
Yes, Hitomi prefers No flash policy, but 3 or 4 pictures were taken with flash due to Super low light condition but rest assured, Canon built in Flash is unexpectedly Good^^
DOn't believe it?? See it with your own Eyes!!

tHere was a band performance by BloGgers

AniMe saNgat!!

NiGelais, niKita's Brother, *Woot* Hardly recognise without scrutinizing his Face features!!

AnDrew - Now I understood what You told me - You are (were) going to be an AniMe siNger LOL

this Shot for you^^ thanks for LooKing into the Camera

Of course this kind of bloggers event is meant for bloggers to SS, mind you, with my Canon 1000D without flash mostly.

here you GO (in case you forGot, I went as Avril LaviGne)

ViVian & Me

cinDy teh & Me

NiKita & Me

Vivian & Nikita

Me, GreGoule & Jacklyn

TiMOthy Tiah, Nuffnang Boss & Me

Me & KY

Me & SiMOn Seow

Jeffro & Me *sorry for forgetting your Name - too Cute to be ForGotten & one more thing, I love this Picture the MOst!!*

Me & Julian

Me & Andrew - ApaSal Andrew's TOnGue so cacat one??

Me & terri with Hak Ciu (Sunglass)

kareNa chow & Me *Surprise to see her and she Looked different*

Me & Jess

Me & ChristoPher tan - NiCe composition doNe by him *Salute~*

Me & SureSh - Nah, I didn't owe you pictures anyMore!!

zuEs & Me - You will feel better SOon^^

Yatz & Me - He was JOhn LenNOn who shakes his BUtty off well!!

Me & ChrisTopher ToCk a.k.a M'sia JaSon Mraz LOL

Liang Tiang Liang (emCee) & Me - damn funNy guy - even fuNnier in this picture!!

JasoN but not Mraz & Me - So Girlie guy but GOod job with your BUtty yea

Let's have a Short break, here are soMe random Shots

Vivian & NiKita were having their own sweet time

Free Hugs for everyBody but I wonder if anyOne requested, Mr SerGe??

tHe Barristar - Cool shade of Bluish Green

HeiNeken anyOne??
You know I feel so stupid, why WOuld they give out redemption vouchers for Soft drinks?? OMG

Thank GOodness they served DiNner, must say a Pretty filling & YuMMylicious one especially the ChiCken breast, the Beef

But the Queue was so Damn long...so I On my DSLR and shot aGain

Love the Light DEco

there was a section for BlogGers to have soMe fun time imitating Stars doing soMe starring Stunts like this

Actually You can live blog in the event and win yourself a Canon IXUS camera but Nah, not my style...and also I prefer writiNg full report like this^^

I love Mirror, how reflection plays a trick to your eyes, perhaps not in this case^^

2 ViVianS

2 HitoMies

TOld ya, it was Damn fun!!

Now SS with DSLR

Me & ViVian & NiKita - reMember New York?? If only we could dance in front of the Mirror..

2 avRils but definitely She looks more like Avril

Me & Jess & Josh (DO i get it right??)

TooK some shots Outside during the Partay

MaiSon's entrance - Seriously inside is not as spacious as it seems

Half of KL tower GOne

ViVian fussing with her friend's Nikon D40

Zues with his Nikon D80

NiKita's Portrait with Flash - Faster say Thank you!!

Hmm...another Game session which I participated - Seriously it sucks...

We were given the task to imitate Beyonce - I am a Single Lady * I know I did it damn Badly *

I should have bring my DigitaL camera along, haiz...if not sure got Videos!!

The guys were doing better than Girls, no lying...

eVelyn walked away with Armani Belt - She really shakes hard!! Would you believe her if she told you it was her first time clubbing?? NAH!!

Coming NeXt was Nuffies' All Stars performance

SinG sinG sinG - Yee Hou pandainya looked into my camera

Jive Ho performance by Nuffies too!!


Finally the results of "WHo's that Girl?" - those who dressed up like a celebrity win PS3, BrOOm, IPOD touch and Topshop Voucher of RM500

Guys - Yatz (John Lennon), HuaiBin (M&M or EmiNem), Julian (No idea who is he imitating)

Girls - JoLyn (Pink), JOlene (Lady Gaga), Cindy (BritNey spears)

Each of them were requested to Shake their BUtties too!!


Lady Gaga's


Personally I prefer Pink's CostuMe

And see!! She walked away with IPOD touch

Julian walked away with PS3 for Guys' Best dress

Huai Bin, the most Uninspiring Dress, walked away with Harry POtter's BroOm!!

aNother uninSpiring Award - this Girl walked away with two GOld Class tickets!!

Another HighLight I would like to make - those Maxis Broadband Girls are HOT

Pretty, SLim

Attractive, Sexy by their own Means, you know what i Mean right??

EveryBody enjoyed the Party right??

I did. After the Grammy, we were hung out at the Dance floor and Had fun Dancing with soMe of the BLogGers.
Was even surprise with some bloggers whom came up to me asking me to Take photos with them - kalvin, Kit & ALvin - giVe me my pictures okie??

Met Little Cicak in person & he Brought me & ViVian to Poppy .there was a fight happening in POppy - Damn Scary experience!!

I started to feel sien with Clubbing already. Don't even know how to dance =.=
went back around 5am!! Yes, 5am and slept for 2 hours plus after bathing (Damn sticky)
and Now I had not catching any sleep yet just to finish my reporting!!

Cheers everyBOdy, Hitomi Needs Sleep....SiGNing off now.


  1. wah..iso 1600 the pic still vry clear..

  2. yo babe!!! wooots!!

    nice meeting ya! hope u had fun too!
    and yes, it's josh. correct

  3. There's no picture with me =(

    Haha, must get back the mood to dance! that's how the way it is.

  4. For your info I'm still pretty weak compare to my friend Ester who's competing in OIAM. Do vote for her cause she's an awesome singer. Didn't manage to get to know you that night.

    Hi, I'm Nathalie

  5. ya, Andrew is impersonating the japanese manga character from Vulgar Band or something like that lol.

  6. The someone-you've-forgotten-the-name is Me... Jeffro.. T_T *sobs*

  7. HiTomi,

    Great pictures of what looked a fun party.

    You were a pretty cute Avril!

    BTW, the Pretty sLim girls have some great legs!

    oNe more question, did you actually sing and sHake it on stage? ? ?

    Back to work moNday is near, and even more hilarious, we are expecting several cm of of SNOW!

    April fools in on us here, a few day late, HAR! SNOw in aPril!


  8. wow.. seems lk i really missed out A LOT!!! really was an awesome party! nice post too XD

  9. Yes, Kuntong, HOw can I not Love my camera despite it is Pumped up to ISO 1600?

    JessiCA, nice meeting you too!! You really Gothic that night...hehe, you and josh is Couple??

    IsaAc, too bad lo. Who asked you came to me when I was not holding my Camera??
    aiya, you clubber ma...me not really

    Blue, it is Cool!! I know it is hard but you have potential too!! try harder yea^^ still studying??

    Simon Seow, thanks for the information yea^^ see your nice picture bo??

    Jeffro, really sorry!! You so cute until I forGot what is your name edi...Paiseh, will Update the blog post soon!!

    David, it was Fun to meet bloGgers and had soMe games together. Thanks for your compliment^^
    Yea, pretty, slim and long leG
    I didn't sing. only Shaked butty but I did it so badly LOL
    Whoa, stil snowing?? It is spring right?

    Alvin, wakaka...never mind. Join in next tiMe!! thanks^^

  10. =___= camwhored kaw kaw

  11. gurl, Your cam seriously rawks.. every snapshot looks superb and thanks for your support for lil me aka Pink ^^

  12. Yatz...what else you can saw?? I camwhore with you too!!

    Pink...Thanks for your compliment^^ you rock too!!

  13. Looks fun!!!
    Nice pics, especially the last 2 LOL!

    aNd I LiKe To TypE lIkE tHis tO0. ^^

  14. Ah.. Correcto. Thats me. ^_^
    And to answer the question you asked Jess, yeah we are a couple ^_^
    Nice meeting you (even though you dunno me that time) XP

  15. Your camwhore pictures in my camera as well. Haha.

  16. Look like i missed out a fabulous..fantastic..wonderful..wild..rock..funky..amazing..glamorous music bash party!!!!
    i so sad now....more sad~~~
    many question lo me
    is Q & A session
    1. who is liang tiang liang? an artist or emcee?? famous? familiar..he look like machi didi d member lo..
    2. u gt win? i wana topshop vouchers neh..
    u know if u invite me go..i scream d loudest..sure win !~~
    3.stil no flash policy? even Canon flash effect was nice??
    4.i tot ur avril lavigne make up would be damn extreme D..hee too rush??
    5.timothy tiah is nuffnang boss? serious? hw u know him D?? whoa..surprise! rich than bill gate??
    6.u like jeffro? u like dat pic the most wor..haha
    7.u meet christopher 1st time? home composer mann..suppose i wana ask him bring me to music bash D..sob! he gt dates ler..
    8.y zues wil feel better soon? i view his profile once before.!
    9.whoa ..m'sia jason mraz..rily look alike..jus malaysia more handsome wor..haha!
    10.Heineken for free tat nite? if i go..i would b a real man tat nite wit all beer down & drunk mode..yeah..tat wad i wan..high!
    11.2 hitomi shoot was awesoe..high fashion n edgy shoot..can b in any magazines cover like Vogue..GQ..seventeen..m i watch too much ANTM??
    12.Avril turn into Beyonce haf way? i think avril suit u more..ur dance move seem like d 1st time we go clubbing in Ruums..seems like same dance steps aso..haha..i gt video..anyone wan? hee
    13.oh no..my fav..pink..britney..lady gaga al there..issh! mayb i can dance with them n b the next lindsay lohan..lol! i m ready for stripe dance..swt!
    14.my godness..is dat gold hair wit broom is ur gossip..huan bin? no way..freakin old harry potter..like proffessor snips more la him..!
    15.sienz wir clubbing u sure bor??
    lady gaga just dance lol!
    16. 5am? freakin serious? omg~~~

    issh..i miss out d grammy..d prize..d dance floor..d chance know more high profile nuffnang-ers..wuwuw......
    if i go .. sure stunned d place..lol! bad la..
    i could hv an unforgetable nights..too bad in dreams only.
    nex year mus get tickets go..i know hu m i gona imitating..
    defnintely no others but..
    SS Hitomism~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  17. WaYe Young, it is Fun!! Damn Fun!! can win Cool prizes too if you are participative^^ I also like typing LiKe this too!! But why You danGed me??

    Josh, hehe, nice to meet you too!! what seem like a year then if you have COuple with Jess??

    Isaac Wong, itu teaser nia LOL

  18. Aiyoyo, Salmon Fishy ar!! Don't la throw me so many Long questions!! *Faint*

    You did miss it man!! Be Glitterati then You can enjoy all these events by NuffNang!!

    1. LIang TianG liang is just a funky name created by me. He is a EmCee

    2. I didn't win anything. If i did, I sure announce it one.

    3. No flash policy is GOod what. Can't be too dependent on flash because it will use up your battery faster!!

    4. Not extreMe lol because yea, no time, another thing too extreme very uGly!!

    5. everybody know Timothy tiah is the Boss LOL - how rich is he i don't know lol

    6. NO la, because the picture is the only one with full body look LOL!! Rocking

    7. I met christopher the first time too!! Very talented

    8. WHy ar...erm, his personal stuff

    9.yea meh, look alike meh?? he sure happy sei LOL

    10. Lame shit lo. NO heineken. Only free soft drinks!! but got nice food^^

    11. If only i can become photographer for those Fashion magazines LOL

    12. Yea la. told you I am lame in dancing one. Ish, don't you ever distribute it!!

    13. LOL, i love pink and lady gaga too!!

    14. Tak lah, but is him - so Yellowish the hair - where got Professor snips?

    15. Yea la. sien with clubbing. coz i will fall sick straight

    16. Yea la!! 5am!!

    Adui...you sure you want to imitate me kar

  19. hey ya, nice to meet u anyway...
    u dont even know how to dance??
    Stil dance well yo~

  20. Nice to meet you too, kitx

    I think I saw you in the event too!!

    that is lame punya dance

  21. lol...i'm here... too busy recently...i dont have time to update my blog with all those photos. you can add me in msn then i just send u the photos loh..

  22. Single Ladies...single ladies..hehehe..

    Pro in Camwhore with DSLR. Salutes! :P

  23. kelvin, will add you once at home^^
    okie okie, hope it is not too ugly

    Sue me, so noty, must drag you to the stage also edi!! Just got my DSLR like a week ago nia...then brought it to the event LOL

    Next time Camwhore with you juga!!

  24. Hiya was nice to meet you after seeing your name all over the blogosphere! :)

    I also wondered what the point of the soft drink vouchers was? :p

  25. Julian, do I really so FeMes in BloGosphere??

    Yea la. SO dumb but you can grab the Heineken instead - so Dumb duMb


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