Apr 29, 2009

HitoMi's bLogSpot is tuRning thRee yeaRs oLd!!

Gosh, I have toTally lost Count of how Long I have beeN wriTing for tHis HitoMi5 bloGspot!!
OKie, let me Check back yea

*FlipPing thRough My arChive......*

*stiLL fliPping*

*ContiNue FlipPing*

Back to 17 May 2006, it was the inSignifiCant starT of tHis partiCular BloG of MiNe
As what I reCalled, I initially named tHis bloG

woNdering whY??
I Guess tHis proVides a hinT to aLot of peopLe out there whoM are woNdering
"wHat is My real Name??"

and Yes, mY real naMe was used to be sHane.
if You really waNna knOw whY shAne, it was beCause of My oriGinal enGlish name, sHanNy
I was thiNking to make it sHorter so I chaNged it.

NO woRRies if You haVe got PerPlexed, beCause, you Know Me as HitoMi would be More than SuffiCient
Cause, I am HitoMi, to all the BloGgers out there, aNd I will Make it My offiCial naMe in fuTure

ImaGine, My naMe card with " HitoMi nG"
tHat's CoOl,
I loVe it,
I just LoVe how peOple PoNder with tHe jaPaneSe naMe.

siNce it is hitoMi5.blogspot 3years Old soOn, I would be Doing retrosPective posts on and off.
HoPe you woN't be boRed^^


  1. Happy belated birthday to hitomi5.blogspot.com ^-^

  2. Anonymous12:57 PM

    wow so long edy..
    mine is just gonna be 1 year soon.. haha.. all the best hitomi! =)

  3. wetwetWater!! I thought who, mana tau is Yatz =.=
    thanks for your wish anYway, it is coMing but not yet^^

    Zeckster, belum lagi la!! is 17 May!!

    Kenwooi, I see. I also din realise haha...just blog blog blog all the way nia

  4. HitoMi^^,

    Happy Blog Day to you and your blog! ! ! ! ! ;-)


  5. whoa..3years baby u had ady..
    all ur efforts ..hahaha!!!
    ya..u gota clarify..haha!!
    sum blur wonder shud call u hitomi or shane??
    i aso duno ur original name is shanny..hahah!!
    so i named u as Shane aka Hitomi
    short form is HitoShane..
    tat sounded cool!!~~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  6. thaNks, david!! it has been Long without realising it

    simon, what do you think i have to clarify??

    just call me Hitomi - easy!!


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