Apr 27, 2009

HenNeSsy arTistry @ tHe loft - ToTally HeNnessiFied - 230409

HeNnesSy arTisTry has Once aGaiN lanDed in the City of KuaLa LumPur

HOw CoOl tHe effeCt!!

Do you KNow wHere Was it HeLd??

LeMMe giVe you more HiNt

YOu can See KLCC from HeRe - I LoVe tHis piCture the Most!!

sTiLL earLy, that's wHy tHe couNter was Kinda desSerted

tHe tree is LoNely too...wHy noBody reaLise my eXistenCe?? reSt asSured, I do...

HoW COuld you Miss the ChanCe to PoSe & aCt like a CeleB??

No waY man

Met tHe earLy bird, SiMOn seoW - Ella, eLLa, eLLa, where is Your UmBreLLa?? WAIT, why tuKar free HuGS dah??

NeeD not to ask ...tHis mr Free HuGz was aNother earLy bird, if not the CarDboard would not be aPpearing in tHiS post LOL

wHy wouLd I saiD toTally heNnesSified?? SimPLy beCause~~

you pOse tiLL you Drop

you driNk tiLL you DrOp

you MiX tiLL you Drop *anYoNe waNna mix soMe muSic??*

eVeryBody waNna be POser LOL

OCB (better KnoWn as OCBC bank) & ZuEs

HeNnesSy & ZueS & me - ArGhh....APA PICTURE INI - so freaking blur and NOT NICE *HiNting tHe photograpHer of this Picture*

See wHat I perceive as a Decent pHoto??

TheSe are My sHOts - Oh Gosh, whY I toOk nice PictuRes of people but Never have NiCE picTures for Myself??

eVeryBody waNna mix theiR muSic

ZueS with PreTty instruCtor - beCame wHite MiCe edi haha!!

tHe miXer

NoW my tuRn - Hard But Cool, wouLd loVe to try Out more^^


Me & tiaN chad Having soMe miLd heNnessy sHots

HaVe a break - eYe canDies tiMe aGain^^

PreTty preTty PR

NoW, LeMme sHow you My SS pHotos - thoSe who have beeN in tHe pHotos, reMember to NanG me!!
JuSt shoW a LittLe bit of LoVe for Me^^

a-Guy-whoM-I-forGot & Me & Guai Zai Kid - when will my PhotoShoot be??

Nigel , YeNnieDoll, & Me - NiGel, tidy your Hair la~~

Me, siMon*keNa bloCked* & OCBC

tHe moRE the MeRRier - siMon *BloCked himself with his VICTORY sign* & Me & zeCk *sarDin faCe* & OCBC & ZuEs - WaSai, no Need wiDe lens aLso can fit 5 FaCes!!

Few WeEks no See friends SiNce NuffNang MusiC BaSh 2009 - Mr Left & Mr aBby

me & JaMie & ZueS - ZuEs's faCe so sharp edi still neeD to use Angle to take piCture kar?? *faint*


MeZza Notte - tHis way PleaSe

MoRe artiStiC shoTs here

BLoGgers ChiLLing out - sNacks & heNnesSy were Up for GraBs - oF Course, it was always tiMe for BLa bla bla SeSsion

wHen I said Bla bLa bla seSsion, it Means soMething eLse


ZuEs with SharP-face-need-not-anglized & TJ with TakaSan-LooK-whiCh-so-CharMing
*Oops, hopefully I didn't get His naMe WrOng thOugh it was the seCOnd tiMe we Met*

JoSh with GoLd-haired-and-more-Moustache *tHe eveNt photOgrapher for the NiGht - LoNg tiMe no See dude!!* and YeNg yeNg with Great-BoOty-shAke-AbiLity-in-her-BloOD

JaMie, the-underaGed-whom-still-so-Maturely-preTty & PiNkPorkChop, tHe-cute-Girl-with-Cute-voiCe

TianChad, the-naMe-sounds-like-CHineSe-HerBs & GuaiZaiKid, the-InnoCent-loOking-boy-whoM-is-not-InNocent-at-aLL

AnDrew, tHe-ex-HoLogram-cum-my-siFu & JosHua, tHe-chiCken-liTtle

StePhaNie, the-red-hot-priNcess-who-HearTs-HenNesSy-arTistry & YeNnieDoll, the-Late-CoMer-with-GorGeous-make-Up-as-UsuaL

Mr Left, the-Guy-I-went-PoPpy-with-whoM-I-forGot-his-Name & aBby, the-Guy-with-the-Name-of-a-Girl *DaMn fuNny guy...I misSed the YamCha seSsion - oh Gosh, so aBby wei!!*

JesSiCa, the-Hot-ChiCks-with-just-MNG-BasiC-toP-but-GreaT-cluBber & Kel Li, the-DGMB-girl-with-her-Own-perSonality-and-styLe

aGain, it was aNother Long wait for tHe biG boSses of the eVent to KiCk off the MeDia confereNce with his SpeeCh

aNd we Met StarZ anGels & Jmi SiSsoKo & CapriCe - RiGht infront My eyeS *ScreaM*
daMn funny trio - thEy JoKe & FooL non Stop but glad that theY are frieNdly^^
CoOl caPrice, siNce he walked Out to meEt us

a BrieF intro of HeNnesSy arTistry hisTory was muCH interesting than I have exPected...But mOst of the TiMe I was not concentrating beCause I was Busy LOL

soOn it ended, we were GiveN the ChanCe to take PiCtures with Celebrities & the BosSes

Mr FrederiC noYere, tHe-friendly-boss-whoM-was-flattered-with-Me-takiNg-photo-with-Him

MaN maN shot - haha, aNother niCe one

sTarz anGels & me & tianChad & caPrice, tapi Not everyOne fit into the piCture *siGh*

ZeCk was way LuCky

He POsed with CaPrice, of whiCh I had Not

Free HuGs aGain eVerybody!!

tHen they started to Syok senDiri - GaYish triO



Or not, taKe oNe - deal or Not deal?

Zues frieNds fuNny FuNny belaka...

Me & zuEs - wHere were you LoOkinG??

It was Great, I wish I haVe more Shots, I seriousLy did, esp HenNesSy apPLe shot~~

LaSt but Not leaSt

How wouLd I not Happy?? free HuGs day wei~


  1. Why am I holding the Free Hugs? Let's just say that I just go back to my previous job.

  2. what camera did u use??
    ur pics turn out very clear too..
    mine not that nice at nite..

  3. OMG there is so many pictures of me!!! So so thanks stone monkey! Haha.. Now I am just waiting for the next coming event, can't wait to join in the party again!!! I love Nuffnang!!!

  4. lol banyak photo wor, i see oily faces lolol =p

  5. ahahaha. my sign goes everywhere...

  6. siMon, mana the Board dah?? buang kat toNg sampah??

    Pao paO, my CaNON EOS 1000D^^
    which camera are you using??

    Mr penGuin, tau puN!! haha...Me too me three!! I love nuFFNang, it is more happening than ADVERTLETS!!

    Hon Mun, babi mun betul ni!!

    SErGE, haha, baNgga nya

  7. i'm using a normal compact ..
    planning to get a new one

  8. OH, yea, compact hard to take good pictures in dark. get a seMi pro compact - like PanasoNic luMix series

  9. HitoMi^^,

    Great pictures!

    You look very,very pretty in that little black dress!


  10. David, it is actually a top. Since it is the trend of wearing short, so I just gave it a try. I have my short pant inside^^

  11. HitoMi^^,

    Very good idea!

    Modesty is maintained & you show off some cute legs!

    Very nice.
    The little black dress, always in fashion.


  12. Modesty has not came acrossed my Mind when I was wondering which Top to Go with. Hehe, I just dun wan to feel Underdress^^

    Yea, black is always In fashion

  13. i love ur free hugs pose the most..
    u look so desperately bring kidnapped in d middle..hahah`~~
    nice party!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  14. Hehe, they squeezed me oNe le...me Innocent


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