Apr 27, 2009

HeNnesSy arTisTry @ tHe loft - Let D'ParTay beGins - 230409

aRe you ReaDy peePs??

Up uP here we Go!!

GirLs, SCREAM all Your HearTs out for tHis LoCal *M'siA boLeh* ArtiSt, CaPriCe!!

*SeLf InDuLgenCe* LuCkY me to Get suCh a Good CleaR sHot

JesS, I knOw you LoVe HiM Muy Muy MuChie

*eHeM, Mr CapRiCe, you neEd MoRe proteCtion??*

CaPriCe draGged the HoT baBes out for a DanCe - I bet JesSica could Not sleep that NiGht
*WoOt...from Left, StePhaNie, JesSica, & YeNg yeNg*

Gosh, the DanCers are Even SeXy till My JaW drOpped
*NeeD surGery edi (joKingjoKing)*

tHese proFesSional PhotoGraPhers RoOted just In front of the StaGe to Get the Best sHot anGle - see fuNny faces of GuaiZaiKid, AndRew, & NiGel - I neVer realise it until I upLoaded these PhotOs *ROFL*

tHis CaNadian Beat-Boxer simply stuNned me out - hoW on earTh a Man could ever beat-box soNgs like "I like to Move it Move it", "low"!! *saLute*

VJ spaCebar aka IrMan on acTion

sTarZ anGels on the BOoth spiNniNg - RaiSe your Hands in D'air & sHake your BoOty off *You've GOtta Move it moVe it - toO GreaT to not EnJOying man*

CaPrice Feat D'beat-BOxer - aNyoNe whom have Been there, are You eNjoYing the ParTay??

Jmi SiSsoKo joiNed in - tHe more tHe merrier!!

haVe no idea why but My meMory has soMehow being extraCted - oh Gosh, how Could I ever foRgot???

If not BeCause toNnes of PhotOs I haVe with Me, I bet I may haVe just Lost my MemoRy of the Greatest ParTay ever...

I woN't reGret coMing oVer, I NeeD meMory reTaiNer - aNybody have aNy??

sOme Low shuTter shots - in sHort, JFF (just-for-fun)

Oh yea, I just ReMeMbered, I have Lotsa SS pHotos with Zues - woNder when Could I reCeive it from him *waiTing*

tWo giRls just CLiMbed onto the Table & staRt daNcing off - there was One of them even Took off the top, leaVing BiKini & MiNi sKirt - HiGh HigH peePs!!

HOw COuld aNyone not enJOying??? sinCe it is FOC, VIP, HeNNesses, CLuBbesses~~ *Purely crapping enGlish, not for Kids to Learn*

I COuld not heLp but to Leave before evErybody did *siGh*

wHy, wHy, wHy, anyBody tell me wHy??

I juSt hate to LeaVe, and I haTe how Much I loVe HeNnessy...

*HumMing ...and I hate How muCH I love You boy, and Hate HoW muCh I neeD ya...*

BuFFiday is Just around the CorNer...wouLd it siGnify a brand New eVolution??

I wiSh it is, pray it is...

I was so exHausted but I was More than Willing to Do so - Ohhhh, I love eVents liKe this - MusiC & alCoHOL in ur BLOoD *MuaCks*

stay TuNed, more Photos with SS eleMents would be Posted real soOn!!


  1. its sad that you had to leave early.

  2. HitoMi^^,

    Some very interesting long exposure photos! Artsy fartsyt sort of pics.

    You are right about the dancers, very HOT.

    Where are pics of you?

    Looking forward to more photos.
    You had a fun weekend!


  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    cool pics you got here hitomi!!
    love the last one!
    amazing! =D

  4. serGe, it is better than none still, right??

    David, I was just playing with it. Haha, not impressive. There are better masterpieces. Mine is not one of them yet.

    Wil be uploaded soOn...next post

  5. music and alcohol. ugh. i missed it!

  6. hihi..First time to your blog, the girl dancing the one you forgotten her name is my friend. her name is Sarita@Yeng Yeng !! ^^..Will ask her to visit your blog too.

  7. thanks KenWooi - that is the outCome of dangerous Driving LOL

    Tzia, i am looking forward to club with you^^

    NiCole, thanks for the information - your friend is a Malay??

  8. funny face meh?? LOL =D ahaha

    well i supposed everyone hates to leave to but the fun just cant continue right?? have to give it a stop else, the next one won't be fun d..LOL

  9. omg!!! i really miz out extremely LOTS!!!! the low shutter shots quite nice ^^ i lk that!

  10. Oops, I have got it wrong, NiCole, i know which Girl named Yeng YEng that you mean^^

    aNdrew, fuNny la, three Faces toGether!! I left at 12am le...so sad...so so so sad

    alVin, you won't!! just be more acTive!! thanks for liKing it.

    the last two shots i just hold it while i was driving, then it came out like that.

    the rest was in the club haha

  11. hahahaa the guy that you forgot the name is me =) lol

    love da pics =)

  12. nice graffiti light photo..i aso trying snap tis kinda pic laltey..hahah!!!~~
    u hv fun in dat wild party huh? heee....

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  13. hehe, SalMon, if your digital cam can change the shutter speed & aperture then sure can de!!

    yea, had fun but had to leave earlier


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