Apr 25, 2009

HeNnessY arTistrY @ tHe loFt - sNeak peAk - 230409

hitoMi HissEs :
I am GoiNg off to PiaNo LesSons soOn...here is My sNeak Peak of the Greatest eVent ever!!

HeNneSsy arTistry was Back at tHe loft just two Nights aGo!!

It was freaking AweSoMe - free Flow of HenNessy to HenNessiFy hitoMi & NoN stop MixTure of MusiCs to DanCe your pants Off *GiGgle*

Yes Peeps!! It was totaLLy free!!

aPple, GiNger, or SoDa - PiCk whateVer you Like^^ ApPle is the Best & I juSt love HeNnesSy Shots instead of Mild mixtures of HeNnesSy!!

teeHee, the Best was I was There!! Thanks to Mr SerGe aka Mr Free HugZ for the Invitation^^ *why la I didn't get MiNe?? taKkan not creatiVe enough??*

Oh well, it was Great still!! I wish I couLd just stay LoNGer!!

sTar anGels & Jmi siSsoKo & caPrice - Scream Your LunGs out, Girls!!

OKie, I am Late *Piang, kill me now!!*

Will Be Back with ToNNes of PhotoS!!


  1. Anonymous8:22 PM

    haha..great event huh? =D

  2. waw, exchange late night for fun, Lol

  3. Quite many nuffnangers went to this event. Is this event special for nuffnang?

  4. of course it does!! just a little long wait

    LioN...what u mean by exchange late night for fun?

    Tolanic, around 50 of nuffnanger but there are also other VIPs

  5. *rolls* glad u had fun


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