Apr 3, 2009

haPpy Birthday to TriSha

RemeMber my HitoMism is the Right word - Part I and II??
tHese are the posts with Most SS pictures in it!!

So back to the Question : Where did I go??

So manY people oh!! Have you ever seen this Familiar place?? it is Desa Park City RidGewood

Mr BeaN's TeddY is PoKed!! *giggle*

OH shit the candle could not be Lit, LemMe try aGain, said TrisHa's Papa

tHe kids were Oogling on the TeDdy...*waNna Cut you Into pieces - eVilish* the Girl in white is SaSha, triSha's Elder sister

Little Kiddo wanted to have a taste on Teddy

SaSha, trisHa and Mummy

Happy Family - GranDma, Sasha, triSha, MummY and Daddy *plus Teddy*

Close up of the Birthday Girl - I wan Mum Mum

Aunty : WAit ar.... The Slaughter BeGan ~~

TriSha : Noooooo....I can't bear to see it *My mom & triSha*

But I want MuM Mum!! *tuMmy growling*

Okie okie, there you go...TedDy's IntestiNe *Kidding, just waNna DisGust you*

TriSha : YuMMy yuMmy...BRB

TriSha : HanG on Hang On *CHoking*

Munch it SlowLy yea...

TriSha : Huhh??what is Over there??

TriSha : Hey, DOn't finish My TedDy okie, I wan the LeG too *wakaka*

Nah, the Leg, eat eat all you want

Aunty, triSha & Mom

By looking at the slippers and heels at the front door, it is considered quite alot of people but THAT IS NOT ALL...TriSha's parents made a buffet dinner outside the house - say 100 pax?

Lotsa unknown faces *just forget about it* but the best thing is FREE FLOW OF ALCOHOL...*suddenly I sound so Alcoholic*

UPnext, MaSon & My Mom

ChuBby betul the Cheek *wanNa pinCh*

But when You see his Innocent Face....*forget about PinChing*

StiLL hm Song ar?? *Aishe...MasOn's birthdaY is COming SooN (May)...pHOtos phoTos tiMe*

Free flow of Alchocol - CarlsberG beer, Kahlua, Aramula, BaiLeys, Cordon Bleu, Whisky, etc etc...
I had Kahlua, Aramula, Baileys, Cordon Bleu, Whisky..Wakaka...that's why I remembered the naMe.

tHis is Me after drinking

still SoBer i guess

but heavy-headed & sleepy

*Dreamy Face*

*waNna sleep*

Luckily not I drove but My dad..If I have to drive, still Can geh

Did soMe boKeh shot before I went Home^^

Happy Birthday to triSha - One year Old edi Oh!!


  1. Ooo.. the baby is SO CUUUUTTTEEE~~

  2. hiTomi,

    Trisha is a very cute little girl!

    She reminds me of one my little nieces!

    Your dreamy face pic is cute.

    Hmm, almost Saturday overthere, my work day has 4 hours left.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Jeffro, yea yea, very cute right?? But also must have a photographer like me to capture those Silly faces LOL

    DAvid, how old are you children?? Cute is bit overrated?? Haha...just natural. NO posing in front of camera.

    Weekend is here!! Today I will be going to Nuffnang music bash party!! stay tuned^^ Avril will Rock the PArtaY!!

  4. d cake look so nice..
    bear look..
    nowdays children so hapiness.
    we las time wer got..
    cute hor? u birth few n play lo
    too bgad i cant go for nuffnang music bash..crying!~~~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  5. oh Salmon...nowadays children have lots of material stuffs, unlike us.

    Aiya...you must be kidding me right??
    Not easy to take care of baby like trisha...

  6. HitoMi,

    How was the Nuffang party?


  7. David, I just back today. So will be posting it by today^^

    stay tuNed...it will be the post with the most pictures in it!!

  8. haa..yap..material stuff..lol!!
    we shud born late ron like now.
    to enjoy n b materialistic..haa~~~
    then ah u...1girl 1 boy enuf ler.

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  9. Definitely!! but then no use talking about all these...Live life now!!

    Yea la...if can have one girl one boy enough lo


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