Apr 21, 2009

Fashion Temptation 2009 by Tar College Fashion Designers - 180409

hitoMi HiSses :
JuSt SubMitted my ACCA SimPson Scholarship aPplication - HoPe I can get *PraY hard*

hitoMi was out for another photoShoOt after RoXy & QuiKsiLver BiKini Babes & HaWaii Hot HuNks

- I shoOt people, not peoPle shoOt me -
the whole intention was to get more hands on experience with my newly acquired Canon EOS 1000D

tHis tiMe was aNother coVering of TarCollege TemPtatioN fasHion show 2009
Seriously it was mY first tiMe attending, after so three years of studyiNg

MaNy thanks to Mr SaLmon Fishy here, for informing Me of the great eVent

initially I was damn MoOdy for those sHitty pHotos - argh, yes aGain like the tiMe I shot around DeSa Park City in the MorNing - but then I wasn't at all in the eNd!!

Oh yea, CongratuLation for Your CaNon Camel IS PoiNt & sHOot - it seeMs like doing just Good for Yea!!

Let's serVe you soMe eYe Candies^^

PreTTy & InNocent loOking Babies - MoDeLs?? Nah, they are Helpers^^ But Muy Muy PreTty *credit goes to a sPanish reader who taught me this worD*

aFter this is MuY muY SS eleMent

NiKita (top left & bottoM right), AderiNe D'buffiday Girl (boTTom left) & of Course SaLmon aka my GraNdpa (Top riGht)

WoOt~~ tHe ruNway

But not the ProJect ruNway La!!

tHe croWds

I suPpose mostly are those FAshion deSigners' famiLies^^

tHe eLLa eLLa, under My UmBrella, eLLa eh eh eh eh eh eh...

riHaNna needs SpoT liGht haha!!

waNna see ModeLs?? Not so Fast...be PatiEnt....

fasHion in My blOoD~~

seriOusly I felt so SucKy cause of those BOoth desiGns are less aPpealing than the ApParels itselves...

aFter so Many test shOots...theN i have got soMethiNg that are Much satisFying...

and Now I underStand what those MesSages that wish to be COnveYed, and yea, after the FashioN show itself

mayBe you Won't but You will, very soOn...

WoOt, NiKita & AderiNe!! was So surPrise SeeiNg them strutting their feet on tHe runWay, I wanNa try too!!

Got Blurred~~sad sad...even worse than RoXy & QuiKsilver sHowcase...

Was tryiNg my seCond attemPt on ediTiNg ^^

BeCause too many Pictures, I have to Put theM into One, so that it is Not OVERLOADED!!

OverexPosed...AnYmore advices or CritiCs for me to imProVe on??

You Must be woNdering what is tHis...Let me tell you, this is PLASTIC SURGERY - that explains whY there are BanDages haha!!

tHe only MaLe model in thiS group of ModeLs


ET people IntruDes!! prepare your Guns!!

Haha...Now I saw it was a sHirt being Upside down sewed LOL but daMn creative!!

I seNsed ClassiNess...I love these Set of theM^^ Can I have oNe set for HeNnesy ArtisTry this CoMing thuRsDay??

WonDerland~~ DaMn cute the Middle Girl

Lady PiRates, TouGh character, I LoVe it!! I wan the oNe at RigHt!!


LeaVy...OMG, what also CaMe out...Wormie aNy?? Eww...I know I sound Grotesque

BlaCk blaCk always IN!! I wan the RiGht one too...daMn cute the dress, you can unbuckle it and become a PomPy dress!!

Tarak...bo liao...Habis...No More...

PreSenting Tar College Fashion DeSiGners oN staGe!!
RoGer, roGer, desiGners wanted, MoDels wanted

I would liKe to congratulate those designers who doing such a Good job...
I wish I could wear them to HeNnesy ArtisTry - anYbody willing to SponSor me?? anYonE??

Ain't you Got enOugh?? waNt more??

here You go, was doing it for My friends, niKita & aderiNe who just strutted their feet on the runWay!! Good Job baBes!!

HappY birthday to AderiNe too^^ You always so Confident...

aNother model whom I have no idea who is sHe

NiKita POser on Action LOL...NO no no...she was Model of the DAy!! sHe was counting while she walked haha...that's noRmal la...

BriNging deSigner & his Models

Had soMe diry talks?? *shRuGs*


  1. all the best with ur application!!!

    wow.. interesting catwalks!

  2. now you made me miss tar college after looking at the hall...haiz... and i didn't know that tar college's students are this talented... great pieces of arts

  3. lol why tak ajak me go.. din know that Tarc got fashion show, miss jor tim..

  4. one of this days/ when you're free and i am free; I'll teach you on some basics on photography

  5. thanks, renaye!! it is a dime a dozen wei~~

    CIndy, I thought the same thing like you do but now that the facts prove us wrong!! tar college students boleh fight with lim kok wing!!

    Hon MUn, I also see my luck one. I rushed to work after that lo...didn't know you tak tau..sorry lo...next time I ajak

    Serge, okie, whenever you free and I free coz by the time you stop having classes, then it is the time I start studying again!!

  6. Enrique11:10 AM

    ¡Hola qué tal!

    Wow! The helpers are beautiful. Perhaps I need an assistant like those.

    Hitomi, you could send to Mexico two helpers like those?

    “ET people IntruDes!! prepare your Guns!!” Hitomi, you are funny!

  7. that is true. well i will see how to do it.

  8. Haha...cannot courier human coz it is KIDNAP lol...
    You keep their photos will do^^
    Aha, a little sense of humour

    SerGe, no worries, after classes will do^^

    Neko, wAH!!

  9. NExt time ajak me for photoshoot also ler..I'm so bored in Nilai..zzzz

    The helper so leng OMG!!!

    btw, good luck in ur application :D

  10. Jing!! I dun have your contact haha!!
    Nilai is so freaking far!!
    You must ajak me for photoshoot too...

    Yea lo, i think helpers are more leng lui^^

    Thanks for the wish

  11. Aderine1:09 AM

    thanks a lot my dear for the pics... love ya.. muaks....

  12. luckily u find it nt boring at d end..if nt cham lo
    ei..i duno u know nikita aso neh!~~~
    i jus know her recently..
    i dun even know she knwo so many of my fren until recently i gt chat wit her..she appear in music bash wit u aso worrr!~~~~
    so ngam :D
    nice editing..!! love so much..
    u din snap d finall scene wer everyone on stage wit crews??
    i bet u hurry for work tat time lerxx...

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o


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