Apr 12, 2009

DeSa Park City - MorNing sHots

HitoMi's HisseS :
JuSt back from CemeterY...beCome taNner?? HopeFully not...

It is April, and the First day of April, also known as april Fool, I decided to Bring my Canon EOS 1000D and go ShoOting at DeSa Park City.

Not that I want to shOot aLone but then noBody wants to Tag aLong, maybe because it is April Fool or maybe they are Just too Lazy. eVen anDrew, whom proMised to ACcompany me also FFK.

Never Mind that. SinCe there were lots of people exerciSing around the Lake early in the Morning - so basically I was not AloNe.

Initially I was totally Uninspired and MooDless, the PiCtures all turned out to be so SuCky

But theN when I saw the Sun, my Mood was totally Uplifted

GOsh, it was Damn Gorgeous!!

LoVe the feeling of this Picture

wHat do you think??

Cute Little Puppy came to Desa Park with its Owner^^

I loVe the Sun so Much for the first tiMe...I was like OMG I am goNNa shoot thiS!!
I sHall name it when SuN meets Star

ObviousLy the Sun made the Shooting challenGing...but the Effect was totally aMazing

eVEn my eyes were to Squeeze to the max to avoid the PierCing sunShine, I still continue my ShoOting, soMe with Live view Mode - so that I won't go BliNd later LOL

sOme ranDom sNapshots...

HitoMi had work to Attend to later, not that she was On leave or what...but she decided to go in Late^^

TriO roCks!!

BasiCally I rounded the Lake and Looked around for soMething to Shoot

It was Freaking Hot as the SUn rose, but still I hung On...

TiLL most of the people had eventually left


SayoNara to Desa Park - I will be Back for Visit in the EveNing *DOn't believe??*


  1. HitoMi^^,

    Great pictures!

    You have a good eye for putting together various elements that make a great photo.

    Hmm, might make a good career for you. Scenic and nature photographer!

    Keep the pictures coming!


  2. great photos!! =D love the one with the lines.... black lines as if you're shooting behind some curtain or something =D

    i wasnt ffking k?? u said i can go back to sleep ma.. was very tired then.. LOL

  3. David, I am just an amateur. Not really good, I don't like aLot of them, which I have not posted it at all...

    as usual, I wish I can shoot better photos. I just don't feel in love with my own photos...

    Andrew, the pig King, aha...I love the most too!! as I said, I feel good when I saw it...

    Yea la yea la...i said only...but you owe me!!

  4. amazing... thats what a place to live in

  5. I agree, it is a Nice place to live in...the Houses are PriCey


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