Apr 16, 2009

DeSa park City - LoNely eVening sHoot

Hitomi Hisses :
Heard of QuiKsiLver & RoXy Fashion sHOw @ Mid Valley last night?? I went & I promise will post about it SOon..

reMember DeSa Park City MorNing sHOt on ApriL FoOl??
reMember I said I would go Back aGain in the Evening??

HeRe You Go - ApriL foOl coMes late~~

As the title Says, I was left aLone and eVen the Sun was left aLone *MelanCholic*

sHine oh sHine, sHow what you have Got when You can - I believe so!!

I knew it was way underexPosed but I wanna make the SunShine lOoks better - what DO you say??

PerHaps I sHould make a Collection of "wHen suN meeTs sTar"

WanDering arouNd, with No senSe of what to Shoot, where to Go

wHere My leGs brought me, there I shot

You Like HoriZontal one like this or The POrtrait like the One before this??

I was aLone but I was not aLone

sHooting all aLone is a Good thing or Bad thing??

soMetimes I just Don't know where to FoCus on, here or there, this or that, these or those, Crap!!

There Came raNdom shots - LooSely Nailed, TiGhtly Tied

TiRing was all I felt, after all the exhaustion went around my Mind and of COurse, My BOdy

SuN neeDs rest, so Does HitOmi

taKe a seat, take a DeeP breath, take a Brand new PerSpective and Get set, GO!!

tHe sky was Not bad, but still Not wHat I wanted - ToDay's sunSet was way Better - MiXture of OraNge & BLue!!

ReMinds me of the StiCk that Kids (Olden TiMes) used to Shoot Bird

BoKeh BOKeh, tHat was what I resorted to & SoMething I always CliNg on to be InsPired on and off

PatienCe do pay off. You just need to wait lonGer for nicer ToNe but still, DeSa pArk Sunset & SunRse are not that Nice

tHis Gives me MixTures of FeelinGs, and I felt so Much UncerTainTies aHead...

Bye bYe DeSa park, Bye Bye DoGgie~~

*I sound so eMo, do exCuse me*


  1. You like to bring your camera everywhere you go? Btw, look like a nice place for jogging. =)

  2. NO no no...now the DSLR is too bulky and I don't want to put in my car, so I just bring it when I want to shoot ^^

    Yea, it is the right place for jogging

  3. wow HitO this is great.....

  4. If the picture is bigger then better lo! haha

  5. thanks, neko...

    Shaoweii, what talk you??


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