Apr 1, 2009

DCIM Showcase 2009 @ Mid Valley - ContiNued

POsting on DCIM has not ended anyway. Hehe, just get the photos from EriC, it is Time to Blog about it^^

PhoTos taken by SaLmon with EriC's 40D

VicTory^^ SaLmon Hand sHake LOL



I know CrazyWrazy will Faint real soOn haha!!

I know Why, do you?? *SS picture by Me*

Me, posing with My caNon EOS 1000D *new*

Me fascinating Over something, which I have no idea now LOL

Eee...how to Put in the Lens Cap??

Unpredictable shot By Salmon aGain!!

EriC was shooting with My 1000D while I was shooting with his 40D

what You look at huh??

Behind the Scenes of Canon adVertisement *remember??*

seriously I have no idea which lens was he using because we changed the lenses so many tiMes - we tried Prime lens 50mm, we tried 18-200mm zoom lens *faint*

tHis is called Tan Pok in Class haha!!

But of Course hitomi listened to Sifu too

Hands-on learning with Canon EOS 1000D with 18-200mm kit lens

my Shot - little Malay boy eating MCDonald

HitoMi in B&W - nostalgic Mode *SS picture*

Thanks to the See through rooftop, which provides nice Light COndition for shots^^ - My shot of the Day

Thanks to Salmon, a.k.a Yeye, for those shots, unless I have stated otherwise LOL - another SS king!!


  1. whoa..i love d unpredictable shot..
    u seems found sumthing or mayb love letters tat make u laugh!!
    haaa!! and dar one u hands on learning..look perfecto!!
    wat SS king la me..haaa..
    u'r queen then!
    i kept laughing when looking al those pic..
    it was nice n wonderful SS time..lol XD~~
    i can b ur model anytime ady.wuhahah!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  2. hiToMi,

    You have a good eye for photography!

    You can also do some funny faces.
    Very nice camera.

    For the benefit of your followers in North America please tell us what, "Tan Pok in Class..." translates into spoken in ordinairy EngLIsh. My malay slang is very limited.


  3. Salmon, i think you guys said something funny that's why I laugh. Not that I found something haha!!

    It shows I am a good student, for being so attentive with learning^^

    SS queen is not something to proud of. SOme will find it irritating. Because you like to SS, that's why you will enjoy looking at the pictures and laugh your ass off like nobody's business.

    Anytime, yes, you can be my model. WHen I see you and I have my camera okie^^

    David, 40D is a professional camera. Quality outperformed my 1000D of course!! Thanks for the compliment. All I can do is make Funny faces so that I won't feel bored and you wo't feel bored too when you look at my SS pictures^^

    Oh yea, do you know what is SS?? It stands for self shoot. I call it SS element.

    Tan Pok is cantonese, which means lazying around while I should be busy working haha

    what Malay words do you know?

  4. you were there? lol, but that place isnt a place for Sony Alpha users =(

  5. Ahh.. So this is the new owner of 1000D that was rumored.. =D Coool... Must see it one day.. *winks*

  6. HUrley!! I were there, definitely!!
    Yea, din realy spot any sony sign
    why why why??you are planning to get Sony?

    Jeffro, yea yea, if not who else would it be?? rumored?? ada kar...suresh hebohkan is it?? are you going to nuffnang music bash 2009 this saturday??

  7. wat we say so funny til u laugh so nice ah??
    gona ask eric..
    r u attentive??
    i dont think so/..blek!
    yap..those dun like SS sure cant stand me or cant get along well wit me D
    yap keep on laughing..
    saw ur pic aso i non stop laughing lo..
    haa..is good .!!
    let wonder when d nex time i got to see U laa...

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  8. Oops, i have no idea at all...
    Hehe...really attentive la...learning stuffs from sifu!!

    I enjoy SS banyak banyak...
    then you can see and destress...

    Maybe when new semester starts, who knows??

  9. haha..
    a day sifu..
    free lesson..
    sit pun looooo.........!~~
    now SS with DSLR rite?
    poison poison!!
    yap..destress look at u SS-ing!!
    nex sem..so long canr wait..i ady graduate la lui lui~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  10. ADui..memang one day sifu!! erm, sikit sikit lo SS with DSLR...

    Destress?? ain't a good thing?

    you graduate liao I cannot see you *sobZ*


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