Apr 14, 2009

Behind D'sCene of I'm MusiCOn PhotoShoot

HitoMi HissEs:
hitoMi is Having Gloria Jean's CreMe Brule *always Love ExPressO shot* and today is 50% for all Ladies!!

Thanks to ViVian *aGain* for helping me with D' MusiCon photosHoot which was a Month aGo lol...as I have not Got my Canon EOS 1000D yet.

as D'title says, BeHind D' sCene pHotos...

ViVian's PuNk sKirt - I really not haVing much PUnk-stuffs so Have to Borrow!!

aGain, her Sis's JacKet - I love the StriPPy style - Should Have got myself soMething like this Next time

alMost everything was DOne by ViVian - from the hair, to Make up to CLothes to LeGging *OMG...it is all her Stuffs MaN!!*

WoNdering what I have in My closet??

Erm, mostly SinGlets & SpaGhetties LOL...

wHiCh I always dress up to College - and my Friends used to Give the NiCks "SeXy" or "Sao Sao" (means Wear little clothes) *faint*


  1. Enrique11:07 AM

    I like these pictures! Hitomi you are very very Sao Sao and muy muy linda!

  2. wahhhhhhh...sexy 1

  3. EnriQue...LOL, what Muy muy??

    Kuntong, not as sexy as your PC fair girl!!

  4. Anonymous1:03 AM

    nice.. =)

  5. Hi very beautyful

  6. Joyful Greeting HiToMi..
    you are very very SEXy look ..

  7. wah lannnneh

    i think i died liao

  8. Neko, thanks for your compliment^^

    SerGe, you died edi I hadiahkan flower


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