Apr 28, 2009

AMBP First Contact @ Studio V - You're Invited!

CoOL, fiNaLLy i Have Got my Invitation from AllMalaysian bloGgers project!!

wHile everYbody is plaNning how to utiLise this coMing friday Holiday (LaBour Day), I have Got myself a ReaL CoOl plan

Not Only the BloGgie InterView seSsion @ StuDio V, I haVe free Pass to watCh staR treK!!

On top of tHese, the Ultimate exPerieNce of MinGling and Bla bla around with BloGgies...

wHo will be tHere??
I have No idea who will be, why Not you tell me wHo will be??


  1. Wow - that will be great - I can't wait to see this movie. I'm gonna try to catch it on imax in nyc. Let us know what you think of the movie!

  2. See yea, doctor popcorn. SerGe, I know haha!!

    Jhnhth, whoa, where is NYC?? I will have a brief review then^^

  3. I got invitation too but too bad, I have to go Penang on that day. Have fun.

  4. im gonna be there too!!!hopefully i can make it lar~~~ see you there in person~

  5. HitoMi^^,

    My wife and I will also see Star Trek the week it opens here in the states.

    Have you watched any of the Star Trek movies?


  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    looking forward to watch it! =D

  7. SiMon, who are you going with??? HB ar??
    no worries, there is always next time^^

    Binn, sure thing!!

    David, I have no idea whether I have watched any. Maybe I do. During my childhood lol

    KenWooi, haha, GO go GO!!


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