Mar 6, 2009

triaL latin daNce class tMr - 7th March 2009

HitoMi has enrolled herself for Latin Dance classes for a rather economical fee of RM 60 to 70

It has not started from January 2009 due to some delays.

Tomorrow, Saturday, it would be the first trial class, which is definitely FREE OF CHARGE. I can bring anyone and anyone can come.

WanNa learn Salsa? or Cha cha? or Jive?

Feel free to drop by to Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak...or give me a comment here^^ You are welcoMe to try out - since it is FOC


  1. dancing kah? I heard in dance classes girls will usually ended up partnering girls =P

    if you wanna try out Salsa, let me know...I got a few free salsa workshop with

  2. omg hitomi!!! ure a setapak tarc-ian too??!
    gosh! i wanted to go tomorrow but not free la~alarh~
    hey babe, lets meet up some day ok?i am so thrilled to noe that some one is from TARC setapak!

    drop me a comment or anything yea babe!*hugs*

    and i love salsa!*winks* but tmr is ball room dancing right??thts what i get through msges

  3. UTAR tu...dekatnya
    eh u not working 2moro?

  4. Hurley, shy shy ma...what to do??
    that's you get them??
    add me in msn can??

    Voxy, hey enrol too??that's great!!

    Bernard, tmr working. after latin go working..

  5. hahaa..
    shane tmr u goin o?
    i lazy travel neh!
    i gt enrol too.
    i duno u gt sign up tim..
    dat time i stil help them recording dance..
    lol! shy to dance:p
    cox i know one of d guy instructor there...
    received dat msg tooo.....
    me ? dance? haih..sigh..
    hving fun ya babe~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  6. you're studying in TARC?? hey!!! that's where i used to study... i miss TBR's food... i'm going back to m'sia next month to setapak to visit my sis...maybe i could bump into you or something

  7. Will you salsa with me??

    I'll be waiting....

  8. wahh! latin dance wor... can anot worr?? LOL +D

    heh.. i always get to go souled out coz i got in touch with them as food review blogger for them.. so everytime they invite me there lo...

    besides, i also shoot photos for them =D

  9. salMon!! why dun wan come little people only.
    Yea yea...we had Cha cha...Nice!!

    Cindy Khor, what course u were taking then?? I also don't know you are tarcian!! Erm...i miss those food too. NOw i think they are Cheap!

    OF course you can bump into me. Just leave contact^^

    Wilson, I don't know salsa yet. Hehe...when I learn first

    Andrew, I can I can. You so bad. Eeee..bring me to Souled out too la!!everytime I also din manage to go geh!!

  10. little people o?
    expected edi..
    was it fun?
    wish to continue d lesson?
    wondering my instructor fren, onn rei there coaching as well.
    u din tell me u goin ..
    i tot no fren
    lazy snakey la me

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  11. took electronic engineering... but had graduated like 2 years ago...

  12. salmon, you must go okie?!
    It was freakingly fun!!

    I wil go for it again. Even my friend went with me also wanted to Join edi!!

    So make sure you make your appearance this coming saturday at Canteen One yea!! see yea

    Cindy, so you are now permanent resident at Aussie?? working or still studying??


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