Mar 1, 2009

ReaR seats belts - ON!!

Yea...finally I have got My rear seats belts On.

what is Even greater is it is totally FOC - No Happen that My car is born in 1999 that it entitles itself to the Free installation of Rear seats belts from PeroDua!!

however free stuffs do not come easy. You have to make the booking for the installation like a MOnth ago?? at least that is what I did. I booked a slot in December and waited until January to get it fixed!!

I woke up pretty late in the MOrning and I had not taken my breakfast. By the time I reached there, My tummy was rumbling terribly.

tHank goodNess they have free 3in1 Coffee for you - self service and they place you at the pretty comfortable waiting room while your car is being fixed.

See...the Man over here was Busy installing the seats belts. But that car is not Mine!!

Neither is This car...

Wonder whiCh car is Mine?? LOL...

these Cars here were Done. Just waiting for the owners to Pick up!!

After Makan Makan then I started to ShoOt around la...You think I am crazy but I am not

Haha...why Can't I?? Wonder how I carry my dslr when I have got it...

MaGazines?? Not interested...Put something else please

aDa TV tapi not My channel, aDa sofa tapi I never place my butt on it, see My bag & My pouch??

LiKe hoMe but not Mine haha...I am crapping, do excuse me^^

TaDa...the TattoO on My car!!

Hee...see?? however I doubt the reliability of the seats belts LOL

1 comment:

  1. whoa.
    u gt ur car set d seat belts ler.
    my dad aso hvn..
    gt sticker to show is done o..
    i doubt it also..
    ppl sit in d middle sure dangerous one..
    my fren now gt in car aso lazy put on..
    i get used to it lerrrr....
    i hvn register for my dad tim
    bt within 3 years u muz install only.
    so lame~~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o


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