Mar 18, 2009

Malaysian DreamGirls II PreLude @ Mist Club - 160309

FiNaLLy, I have the freeDom to GO eVents at Nights as I wish, though T&C applied.

The Sky was freaking Gorgeous as I looked through the WinDow of My client's Office early in the MorNing 7.30am.

You KnoW whEre is it?? That's the Shah Alam HighWay!!

it tOok me an Hour to Drive froM SelaYang to ShaH aLam - two Ends of SelaNgor MAN!!

But Spotting RaiNbow is My first exPerienCe that I would not regretted woke up So darn Early!!

I requested for Early departure from Work, say 5pm? Got through soMe crawling traffic and finally Reached Bangsar station to Meet with My girl friend.

tHe sky is still Bright by 6.30pm...tHe counters were desserted, with soMe puNk randoM guys

siNce Fly FM is the Official Sponsor for this Event, the TroOper was around and Mingled with us, BloGgers...

Paper, SciSsor, StoNe - as Easy as that to Get tiCkets to watch The COnfession of a Shopaholic

tHey gave out Free ReVive drinks too!!

thOugh it was My first tiMe spotting the TrOopers

tHis is My girl Friend


She is My make Up artist, so Shall we??

sHe is Great at doing stuffs like these...Don't you think so??

But toDay she was the PhotoGraPher too!! I also Want a DSLR!!

siNce we had such A loOong tiMe waiting...we Shot around

we Did poser Shoots like NObody's BuSiness...will Get from ViVian real soon, which is ToMorrow or to be exact, now (12.02am)??

Did ranDom shots too...

PrettY riGht??

as tHe NiGht veil closed in, it was just the Time for MOre shots

More CroWds...more BloGgers

LoVe antiQues

ComparaTive eNough, more FuturisTic

eVerybody Took their Place, waitiNg, yea, aGain...that's the RunWay!!

Free FloW of Beer & soft DriNKs for everyBody...but I had empty stomach, yes, aGain...

sPotLights - CheCked!!

DJ - CheCked!!

PoSers - ChecKed!!

Ain't we Had enOUgh?? haha...NeVer!!

PhoTOgraphers - CheCked

ISO, F, ApertuRe, FlasH - CheCked

cRoWds - CheCked!!

HP is oNe of the spoNsors We had Goodie Bags, which we Decided to Dump into the Car. I have not Even Looked at thEm yet, even NOw!!

Oh yea, we ArriVed earlier, we Got nice PArking, and we Did our Make up in the Car too!!

Up NeXt>>>

eLaine Daly Made her AppearaNce, ah, FiNally everyBody!!


  1. wahhh~ so updated!! faster than any of the official bloggers!! LOL =D hahaha

    good good!

  2. XD found u XD
    so, u are the girl with the dramatic eye make-up... ;p

  3. Anonymous12:11 PM

    U got win those tickets?

  4. me wan Wacoal pics XD

  5. Pleasure meeting you.

  6. Andrew, it is just Part One - PreLude~~

    Diese, so sad I don't recognise you @@ say hi next tiMe yea^^

    Joshua, Yes, I had the media Passes!! Did you go??

    Yatz, it is In your mind edi haha

    SiMon, pleasure meeting you too!


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