Mar 11, 2009

more oF fish & CO with SS eleMents

Haven't you got ENough of My SS element??

Believe me, whether You like it or not, You will start to Love it (Punny??)

Sorry for the photos in this post - its quality is slightly tolerated - simply because Matthew is the one taking them (his hands are shakier than Earthquake!!)

StarFishy - I toOk it

aNy ruM?? - I toOk it too

Heee...this is why I need a plug point

obviously I was busy surfing while He was too busy with Camhoring.

MessiNess - taken By Me

PLayful right?? Actually I insisted him to do this LOL - takeN by Me - Bokeh Him!!

See what I did?? Ebuddy - hate that I cannot install anything to this lappie

Matthew was getting bored by then. So We decided to make another SS Session.

Specky Girl & Specky Guy

MiSchievous Face of Mine

LauGh like a Siao Po

Poser On action

Told you So!!

See?? It will never end

Chik Chak

Now you see Me now You don't


I Miss Home~~

PLayful Childish edi

OKie, matthew wanted One too...there You go. It signifies the End of this post.
Totally SS-tified!!


  1. lol..
    wut is SS element arr?
    u rily pandai wit all d pose..
    u look so office lady look with the attire laa.
    i prefer u without spec.
    but i love all d pose..
    so funny!
    tiz matthew..
    finally i know hw his face look like..
    he in my plurk..
    not sporty look aso..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  2. Wah, so many pictures la.
    All SS some more.
    Haha, malu.
    *runs and hide face* xD

  3. Obviously.
    You update I just link la.
    Haha, and yesh Singapore is beautiful at night.
    Lets go there one day. : )

  4. saLmon, you definitely have SS element in you. SS= Syok sendiri or Self shoot.

    Where got Pandai...first time doing that lo. because got people shoot for me!! many pictures of him still tak tau how he looks like that goi wooi lo..

    Matthew, no need to shame shame one...

  5. oo...
    tat one call SS element..
    i dun evn know..
    stil guessing..
    so SS..
    ur terms..
    d pose n look nice mah..
    he arrrrrr..........
    nt a good poser than u obviously..
    all same look..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  6. Haha, malu la.
    She's more photogenic than me.
    And Salmon ah, I look good 1 okay?
    Just don't show only. lol


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