Mar 17, 2009

MeeTinG oLd frieNds @ NaNdo

Hitomi Hisses :
Hey yo!! Miss me anyoNe?? I know I have been lagging with my posts.
ANyway, just went to
Malaysia Dream Girls event yesterday night at Mist Club, Jln Riong. ToNnes and TOnNes of pictures to be Filtered, reSized
and Posted soOn...

In the meanwhile, let's have a little break. This tiMe no pictures of HitoMi's own SS element but...but...(you scroll down yourself~~)

As the title says, here is NanDo..

Their Signature ChickeN - Chick Chick ChiCk ChiCcccKeNnnnnnnn *reminds me of BurGer King new BurGers LOL*

So Full during the Dinner tiME...

TaDa, my ex classmate in Diploma, Li Khang. Now doing foundation at Taylors, Subang Jaya. He is the one gave me the Nick "Goddess"

Jack Lim, from Taylors Subang too...Knew him during Lang TenGah trip - part I, Part II, Part III

Need not me to say - he is an inborn POser

their NanDo's Chicken - damn Expensive - I had none of the Chick

So freaking HunGry...see his Saliva dripping??

After theY were well fed with ChiCks, it was tiMe for soMe Memories capturing.
This tiMe we had something new. We did 5 Continuous Shots each for both.

#1 Normal One

#2 Look thEre

#3 Look Over Here

#4 Yo!!

#5 High FiVe everyBody

aNother set here

#1 we Rock?!

#2 ChuBby looK, showing Two fiNgers

#3 shoWing thRee finGers with =.=

#4 CheeSe~

#5 sAWAdiKap

#6 He said Not nice so we TOok again

#7 NorMal one

You know what - It did not end here...

tiMe for soMe group shots

Heee...we self shoot juga...without any help - Me posing for NanDo - but no paY eh!!

In conclusion, it is always SS ELEMENT!!

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