Mar 20, 2009

Malaysian DreamGIrls II - InteraCtions @ MiSt Club - 160309

sTriKing sPot lights & tHuDding Bass - what we call the TypiCal CluBs...but seriOusly I love what Mist Club has Got to Offer - sPacioUs and HapPeniNg!!

cHecked tHe exTerior?? cHecked the WaCoal & ViVi Chea Cat walks by Malaysian DreamGirl??

If not, You Must BeCause you Won't want to Miss it!!

HP is another SponSor of Malaysian DreamGirl, so DreamGirls had to Cat walk with HP Minis, and HP phoNes...

aGain only few piCtures are displayable. DawN & HP MiNis

JuaNita & HP MiNi

Don't ask me why, Personally I like Dawn, Juanita & PinKy and My pictures tuRned out to be MOre of them??

DreSsed in Black - fasHion trick just to Direct your attenTion to what tHey has to dispLay. One more thing, the Heels are KILLING!! 6 Inches - OMG

Let's ReLax abit...DanCe performaNce by FitNess First

Pretty, Slim & this Picture shows a little bit More - MOtiOn...I like this PiCture pretty Much!! see what I see?? But I would salute her for what she has Done

aNother Main attracTion, PreM & Jules were In the House!~!

I have been EyiNg her, woNdering who is sHe, ruPa-ruPanya FLy FM DJ!! every MOrning I tune into Fly FM, love Jules Sexy VoiCe...

I was Told, Prem is ViVian's SenioR in HELP ColleGe - tHe world is So sMall...

thEY definitely Heated UP the Whole Club when Malaysian DreamGirl was busy preparing for More CatwaLks later On...

6Guys were suMmoned and what They had to Do was....

MoDelling like SimOn??

ActiNg as a Bad Guy??

sHowing NOoBy face??

TaK tau?? suPposedly they were requested to Do their SEXY cat walk but the Outcome was rather....Hilarious

Followed by another SuMmon of 6 LaDies in the House

PreM was definitely enJoying to the Fullest

Of beiNg TouChed by so Many Ladies

FreaKing Hot & HamSap looking Lady here

Can PreM Stand the FlusHing HeaT?? Haha...he SurrenDered!~!

so tHis lucky & innoceNt loOking Guy here, ZhAo, the suBstitude of PreM LOL - BuSy ProteCting himself from Being Attacked

aNother Guy here, he was damN enjoyed!! because the Hot lady here was so Damn seDuctive - are You thinkiNg what I am thiNKing??

tHiS youNg lady looked rather underaGed and she Did so so oNly...

afTer the Games session, only DJ was busy SpiNning R&B songs.I iMitated the Video ReCoder Man and did this SponTaneous & SpiNning joB lol

seriously I could not leave my place because it was rather strateGic. Plus, not many people danced around. SO like Not Clubbing...i Wanna Go there aGAin!!

I haven't been to ClubBing after One year GOSH!!


  1. I've been visiting.
    You'll see me around.
    Keep the updates coming. : )

  2. I will be Updating
    Just make sure you keep visiting and clicking
    Thanks alot dude!!

  3. Modeling don't work. Dancing win 1st prize T_T

  4. you should dance!!


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