Mar 26, 2009

‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’ aFterMath

GetTing ProPs Done,
CaMera Ready,
LeaVing earlier from Shah Alam to Wangsa Maju,
Stucking in JaM,
tryiNg out PanTai Highway for the First tiMe

EveryThing was DoNe in such a HuRRy, finally the Effort is Paid Off ^^

In Case you have Missed my previous Entry on I'm MusicOn thanks to Maxis Broadband, Here you Go, have a Peep!!

HaVe You Been Stalking to My blog?? HaVe you ever Noticed the Poll at the Top right side of My Blog??
tHe mystery of Me going as who will be revealed in this Post...

so the QuesTioN is
who Am I goiNg to ImpersoNate in the Coming Nuffnang MusiC Bash 2009 on 4th April 2009 at MaiSon, KL??
EnJoy pictures!!

aNy QueRies now??

Not hitoMi taKahashi, Not BoA, not AyuMi HamasaKi, is AvRil LaviGne!!

tHe invitation Makes me Simply can Dance on the street Man!!
Not onLy this, I would be Getting My DSLR this SuNday, yes, Finally.
The Model which I would probably go For is either 1000D or D60.
Not really having Much budGet because I am self financed, no sponsor at all..

sTay tuNed to for My DSLR VirGin shots!!


  1. Woah, I didn’t get the invitation. You are so lucky.

  2. huh? Avril isn't so hard to impersonate...=.="

    So u r going to turn blonde soon? =D

  3. fuiyohhhhhh~ LOL +D DSLR!! + Nuffnang Music Bash!!! coolies/... double joy!!

    i wanna write my post tmr!! LOL

  4. Tolanic, don't so sad. Let's see what you posted in for the tickets. You can try another time though. I believe it is not closed yet.

    Hurley, I agree with you. Kinda easy, so will I be seeing you there?? Nah...won't be turning blonde my fried.

    Kuntong, dun la so one-sided!!

    Andrew, I must agree with you. It is totally a Blasting month!! but i wil go broke too LOL


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