Mar 18, 2009

‘I’m a Musicon Celebrity thanks to Maxis Broadband’

As the title says, I wanNa be a MusiCon celebrity... Say, who don't want to be oNe whom draw All the attentions of Photographers??

Dress in Your best, fiNe CLothes from Your eVer eXpanding WarDrobeSss

Make up By the Best Make UP artiSt

And thEre you Go, Babe, just Flash yourself in front of the CroWds and Have theM all StuNned by YouR granDeur enTrance and give them "You'Ve got it right, I'm HoT" stare..

*DruM roLLs~~*

FreSh, steAmingly Hot PhotoS from PhotoShoOt just now...tHis is the CeleBrity, whom I am going to be in NuffNang MusiC Bash 2009.

Got your Guesses??

MDG posts will Be resuMed soOn...toNnes of Photos will be FloOding over Here!!


  1.'s either Avril or Winehouse..

  2. Haha u r the celebrity :)
    Looks like Avril Lavinge

  3. Haha...why you guys so Smart one??

    thanks so cute!!

  4. wah! ganas! attitude! I also got 1 black guitar like tht but without the acoustic cut. nice.

  5. Waiseng, punk & gothic!!

    Sean Lon, hehe, I borrowed the Acoustic Guitar!!

  6. WoW Great picture...


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