Mar 28, 2009

I will Be

60 Earth Hour has Passed. I have my whoLe house in Pitch Dark, did you?? ShaMe on you if You didn't!!

siNce I would be Going to Nuffnang Music Bash 2009 this 4th April as aVril LaviGne, so I thought of Doing this Video, just for fun~~

tHis is real, this is Me, I am where I am supposed to be now, Gotta let the Light, ShiNe on me...
Okie, I know I look Panda-ish and lack of Sleep, with few pimples too!! Do bear with me

Haha...suddenly Wanted to sing so Muchie.
Gotta sign Off now...

toMorrow shall be the day. the Day I am Going broke!!
See anyOne of you in DCIM showCase^^


  1. nice voice ;)

    keep it up, lolz... suddenly get 1 more fans

  2. you mean you being my fan or me being avril fan??

  3. Fuyo, can go Sing K. xD
    No music some more.

  4. wah..sing Karoake pulak. It has been such a long time I have not been K-ing

  5. such a good voice hitomi have..
    so we muz go K together laaa!!!!
    i bet matt dont rily know hw to sing...haaaa~~~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  6. NOt good...too Cute voice...haiz
    it has been so Long i din go Ktv also!! how can??

    Matthew knows how to sing One...ask him sing Crush by David Archuleta!! btw, David archuleta is COming to Malaysia!!


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