Mar 24, 2009

HitoMism is the RiGht word - Part II

tHis is the Continuance of the First Part, the question is wHere am I heading to??

Haha...waNna know??

hehe...Not Going to Tell you!!

waNna beat me??

I know You won'T geh!! because...

I am so Kawaii & aDorable kan??

BleK :p

I am Not that Old okie?! Just 21 tHis year...

I adMit la...I'm PoSer...LOL

Neh...tHis Picture LooKs familiar?? started to Shoot without MirroR

tHen with MirroR, tapi the MirroR not smoOth and Clear

tHis camera not that Good for portraits...I am DaMn serious...espeCially when shooting for Malaysian DreamGirls II

SliGhtly shaKe will Make it goes Blur liKe this...

But Maybe because My hand is not Stable too...

How Can?!

it Can't be Right???

aNyway, I am going to Get my DSLR this SuNday!! Wee~~


  1. wtf so many SS element =.=

  2. such a big deal to you kar, Yatzzzzzz

  3. What model you buying?

  4. Nigel, either 1000D or D60...

  5. Hitomi,

    Very kawaii pictures.

    Your blog is fun to read!


  6. David, you repeat the word Kawaii quite many times too!!

    thanks^^stay tuned yea!!


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