Mar 9, 2009

fiSh & Co with Lotsa SS elemEnts

aFter trying Out Manhattan Fish Market last week, I would say
Fish & Co the Best fish & Chip and You definitely Get HOoked!!

This is officially the second time I have been here - Fish & Co @ One Utama. Just that this tiMe I was not alone.

and This tiMe I decided to go for the Smoking area. Plainly because I want a PluG??

Whoa...this Shot is the Best of the Day..I didn't realise until I uploaded it.

tHis is my companion of the day - Mr Matthew Chang. Really sorry because I insisted to get a place with Wi-Fi and PluG point for me to Surf...

to Pay you off, I will do soMe shots for Yea...Like this One - IgnoraNce

Heee...Mr Matthew is Good at SS too, in the sense he is very coOperative with Hitomi San here...

Aha...I didn't wear contact lense!!

Let me tranSforM!!

Buu....Chubby Looking

as Usual, I chopped my face for so Manyyyyyyyy times...eVen he said Why like that?!

HelpLess face, how coMe geh??

Nah...this one consider quite Balance. not too much to his side nor to My side.


don't want to Choi you - learn from you - Ignorance is Bliss

Eeee...what is That over there??

aFter so Many many many SS then onLy the food Came..

My New York Fish & Chip - with More Cheese - I prefer Matthew's

MAtthew & His Fish & cheesy...Just how I like - the Basic stuff..

I like the Sourness of the Lemon & the Unique taste of the Sauce...Not to forget the Important MAYO MAYO...Hitomi cannot Live without Mayo!!

Hitomi SPotted this Secretive Garden with Fish pond...

Fishy!! are theY the fresh Ingredient of the Fish & CHip??

tHis post is Not dONe...stay TuNed with what MAtthew & Hitomi can Do with a Pinkish Camera


  1. LOL!
    I look farnee in some of the pictures.
    Pink camera? Ada ke?
    Tak ingat. =P

  2. the last time i had the salmon from manhattan restaurant, it stinks... dunno...maybe not fresh... but i'm give it a try again once i return back to malaysia cuz many of my friends told me that they improve their dishes quality

  3. yea yea, i think so too fish & co serve better fish and chips...

    but manhattan have better seafood platter... >.<

  4. Yea yea...not only you farney ma. touch my pinkish camera then said tarak?? Molest la tu

  5. Cindy Khor, I have no idea whether is it better but I really think that their service super sucks!!

    they kept us waiting for half an hour. Damn hungry you know.

    SOme more the fillet texture is so bad.
    Not enough Mayo too!!

    GRegorule, Never try the seafood platter. I think I won't want to go there anymore. I can get it elsewhere.


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