Mar 14, 2009

FiNaL deCision

For tHose who have been answering this PoLL, really thanks you guys!!

SeeminGly not many of theM responded - 12 Polls answered. Click here for the Post with respective videos
*Update: 13 polls answered...majority goes for Part A*

Let's loOk at other OpiNion...
  • So far Nobody leaves any CoMment at Youtube
  • 13 Mar 09, 09:52
    kim: i like both of em~
    13 Mar 09, 09:52
    kim: let's arrange the rest of the song~
  • 13 Mar 09, 19:12
    louis: or the ending hmm
    13 Mar 09, 19:12
    louis: part A and B sounds the same! faster a bit?
  • di di: if cant decide which...just do both!!!=)
  • Andrew said decided on A!! LOL +D i'll see you at mist club!! +D
  • 15 Mar 09, 01:29
    JhTham: i chose A...aha..
  • leo7_lion said You compose them yourself? I prefer A
See for yourself...what to DO now??


  1. yeah!!
    part A win..
    i choose part A :D
    bt actually both rythm seem d same..
    i heard many times edi..
    choose part A laa.
    major won even only 12ppl mah
    my hitomi getting more talented.
    can compose songs to me edi
    u go club wit andrew..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  2. marccus11:47 AM

    haha, eventually go to A


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