Mar 13, 2009

yOu deCide how it is

eVerybody, I need your help right here!!
Frankly, I was so indecisive which tune to go for. So why not YOu decide it and I work it out just for You??

tHis is Part A

tHis is Part B

so You tell me which One you like - by proceeding to the PoLL in my blog^^


  1. decided on A!! LOL +D i'll see you at mist club!! +D

  2. wow, u play well.
    Part B quite smooth. =)

  3. andrew, I will have both in my composition

    Thanks marccus for the compliment...

  4. You compose them yourself? I prefer A

  5. yea, lion - My composition ma^^

  6. HitoMi^^,

    I finally took time to click on your links, and found that you are also a composer!!!!!!!!!


    You are a most fortunate and talented young women. Very attractive, sexy, can work both sides of the camera, can write, composes and plays music.

    Let me think, aside from not being able to fly, what can you not do?

    You are just so talented!

    So have a very good week.


  7. David, it was kinda lagged behind. Not much inspiration to compose. Lots of them went wasted.

    Oh no, you are wrong. apart from being unable to fly, i can't do alot of things too!!

    human is not perfect, right??


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