Mar 11, 2009

DraGonBall Evolution ScreeNing - 100309

HitoMi HiSses :
I just Got my resuLt...It is Devastating and I really have nothing To say anymore...*Need a shoulder*

9th of February to 10th March - It was just the time of a month, Nuffnang had organized another One here.
Pretty Impressive....

As usual, I enjoyed the priority of watching before everyoNe else who buy their own tickets and on top of all, it was custom made exclusive and FoC - Not to forget Meeting bloggers??

tHis tiMe was at One Utama GSC. NO more CineLeisure. Though it does not matter much because both are equally near!!

Redemption BoOth for to it is Spotlite Booth for the SaMe screening but the thing is They had LonGer queue - how Come??

My driVer said wanNa go Toilet Break, so I waited outside and shot this eMo picture. Yes, I was eMo waiting...

Heee...It would be SS elemeNt aGain!!

Just tHat I am not aLone but with Zachary WonG

Yo!! wasSup...Nice SpeC kan...and I tilted the Hat so that It looks more stylish

wiTh MarCus Tan - actually the Hat & SpeC belong to HiM but ZaCh just tooK it, so MarCus here was so HelpLess

Hee...I could not help to POse with the SpeC too But it is Too Big for Me..

Met Zues - He watched *ehem* last night so that night became Red Eye Moody LOL...he Came with Gf and DSLR that I have craved for it, say aGessss ago..

SS with ChristoPher Tock ToCk toCk...yea, he talkeS...stiLL reMember the GuY here??

Met GreGoRuLe too...UTARian & TARCian here!!

tHis is BerNard...who self claimed that his Field of Study is top 5 scariest in the World!!

aNother POser...doing Pink Panther Pose kar??

Haha...uNderexposed but Good that You cannot see mY panDa eyes!!

SS with KY...Yea...this is KY speaks..He speaks, we speak so you spoke?? (OMG...pun again?)

AiYo...smiLe until like that - tHis is called Ham Sap Look...

tHis tiMe the security has been upgraded to the extent that not even a VGA phone can be brought in. oH Man...
Before I surrender My pinkish Camera...another SS with Huai Bin, My driver for the day. He has got himself SunBurnt, so Appearingly I was fairer but it wasn't if he were any fairer!!

See the Chaos it caused by the StrengtheN security??

You Surrender and You redeem - so Ma Fan... LiKe
"Mari mari Mari, cheap Kamera Cheap Hp with Kamera untuk 50 Ringgit sahaJa...aPa apa color puN ada, aPa aPa quality PuN ada"
Okie...let's talk about the Movie...(In fact, I am so damn exhausted Now after work but still I have to furnish this Post before this Movie is OUt by toMorrow!!)

eVerybody is saying Dragon ball is Japanese Movie how coMe ang moh starring it now??

the story line is kind of expected. the Evil came back for revenGe, the Good oNe has to Fight it all Out. Just that this tiMe the story is built on the DraGonball theMe...

Not very impressive stunts but cooL artifiCial scenes with technolog-to-date. But I would say it creates pretty much laughters. Haha...everybody Laughs, erm, perhaps soMeone don't. You waNna know who??

two Leng Luis in the Movie, but I think EriKo is prettier & better with KunG fu!!

tHis Girl, I forGot her Name but sHe creates COol stuff, especially the MotorBike emerging out of the SmaLL cubic thingy??

The climax is short & I could not feel the intense built up, even then it lacks soMe susPense eleMent!!

In conclusion, I would say it is just a normal movie, and rated 5/10.


  1. what hamsup look, NOOOOooooooooooooooo

  2. waa.a.. very very thank you much much feature my face here.LOL

    the pic turned out very very nice! arigatoo sama desu!

  3. OMG, my eyes look so red! Haha.. By the way, nice meeting you in person! Next time do let me know if there is any gathering!

  4. Now I know which one is Bernard! Nice to c you there but didn't greet you ;p
    Paiseh ar!

  5. KY, not nice YaM one...

    MarCus, no flash policy very Chun geh!! I wont post ugly picture most of the tiMe...

    ZuEs, yea, You watched too much *ehem* edi...whoa...thought you memang know??

    Tian Chad, you come here to see Bernard kar?? so sad~~


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