Mar 1, 2009

Doubt is Cleared

HitOmi feels much better now.

What should be Done is DOne...I have My clarifications. But still I think I have not told everything that I had in my Mind since yesterday Morning.

At least, it is Now clearer of what HiToMi's Mom has expected from me. I know, in fact, I knew wHy she has been doing so.

It is the NOrmal POlicy goes with you, ain't it??

So long it is Not too late, as in before 11pm, Cause it is dangerous to drive at night??
And the best still goes with friends, preferably girls? freaking same Man!! But I find that I hardly go out with girls...because it is either they don't have transport or residentially not strategic etc etc!!

Wish the world is SaFer *dreaming* So that I can GO everyWhere I want!!


  1. all mum's are always guarding onto their daughter... they always nag us about safety and set so many rules for us to stay at home and be safe...

    but always, at the end of the day, we would always appreciate our mum for caring for us this much...

    i can understand how you feel as i've been confined in my house until the age of 18 where i shifted far from my family and every night at mamaks...

  2. Hmm...but I have no chance to shift far from home unless I went to Uk man...


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