Mar 29, 2009

DCIM showcase @ MId Valley - 290309

HeLLo everyBody, HitoMi is back to furnish another Post.
Today and the days after, it won't be the saMe anymore.

Heee...On my way to DCIM Showcase at Mid Valley MegaMall...ReaLize anything unUsual??

HitoMi was not coming for VeloCity angels but Something Important

MeeTing EriC for the first tiMe @ the Main entrance - another TarCian but different Course

ConsiDering the Space of the showCase, not many of the booths were participating.
CaNon, Nikon, Lumix are the three Main booths with the throngs of people testing DSLRs and Cameras.
Apart from these three were some booths selling studio lighting system, large scale printers...not my concern anyway^^

I was busy doing SoMething else while I assiGned siMon a.k.a SaLmon fisHy, whom makes frequent appearance in My blog, for sHooting with mY piNkish Camera

He is My granDpa haha!! Damn SS oNe

Here are soMe masterpieces of Photographers showcased in the Showcase LOL

However each of them Have something CommOn yet...

Unusual...can AnyoNe spot it?

the Most groteque picture!! PainFul man...

Hmm...let me tell you. Notice the Ball of light over there?? It does not belong to any Original Picture but Mine...because it was from the Spot liGht illuminating the Pictures!!

NiKor - sound so Dai Lou haha!!

tHe stage where VeloCity angels Made their Final apPearance

SpotLight - Checked

Photographers - Checked

Ladders - Checked

Love the FeeLing of this Picture...soMething I would do if I were to see this. Maybe siMon has potential too!!

tHe reason Why I assigned Simon is plainly simPle...

CauSe I was too Busy testing Camera. In fact, EriC was the One doing all the Testing for Me ^^

FiNally I have One DSLR for Myself!! Congrats Me please...I have spent 2199bucks on This. It comes with 8GB and 4GB memory cards and a Dumb-looKing bag *I want CaNon bag la!!*

we Settled OurseLves at McDonald. not to Eat but to Play with CameraSsss. As you see, this is Definitely Not my 1000D but eriC's 40D - DamN professional...

EriC + Canon 40D with 18-200mm + Hitomi + Canon 1000D with 18-55mm

PoSe la sikit, EriC ini...saMe expression saja!!

Told you so...we Played with CAmeras

MaCam spokePerson for Canon DSLR saja LOL

InDeed we Had alot of fun playing with DSLR...

Must remember to SS juga!! I know My eye Liner smudged dah...

even SiMon has Got Addicted and Subsequently he was thinking which One to Buy le??

Exactly what I have been experiencing after Playing with Darren's D40 and Eggy's D60 - See...keNa poiSoned!!

Hee..HitoMi is CaNoN kaki tapi tak Bias!! unlike crazyWrazy...BiAs sial

SiMOn tak tahan dah...

KeeP SS with our CAmeras...*he wanna Have them ALL*

He Can Multitask and Shoot with Two cameras - aMazing~~

Haha...tak habis habis comparing lagi

See the difference after fully zooMed both Lenses?? 18-55mm VS 18-200mm

I can't wait to ShoOt with My DSLR!! *it is CharGing right now*


  1. 1000D's a bad choice hitomi..bad choice..

  2. woooohooooooooooo~ congratz!! LOL =D

  3. congrats on having the dslr... every blogger seems to have it now... it makes me wanna buy one but i'm just too lazy to learn its functions... so i guess i would be stuck with my digi cam for quite a while

  4. why buy frm the fair..??
    some shop rm1900 can get liao..

  5. Yatz, chill okie..

    Andrew, thanks!! Bring me go shooting!!

    Cindy Khor, you won't feel lazy if you are into it. I feel damn Happy!!

    Matthew, thanks^^ wakaka, no more blurry portraits!!

    KunTong, hmm, heard so too...but then since the price hikes, I guess they will grab the chance increasing prices too!!

  6. all canon kaki... not bad leh. I wish i can attend this kind of event

  7. iCalvyn, it is not event. Just an outing^^

    are you Canon user?

  8. there is no bad dslr..there is only bad photographer..

  9. Sean, i agree!! Teehee...can't wait to shoot with you all man

  10. m i frequent appear in ur blog?
    so good promo me..hahaha!!!
    i nt damn SS laa.
    i cant straight pose 10 diff poses like U D
    u'r my SS queen worrr...
    i know wad is common in d pic..
    d freakin!
    too lame shot by me..
    TQ to post out d pic worr...haa.
    even my skill too bad..hands stil shaky..keke!!
    i gt potential? really..gona jump above d sky edi..i love dat hole pic too..tat y i take it!
    dumb looking bag..haa!!!~~
    cox eric dun hv any others expression ady..!!!

    yalor..duno which one to buy..both la.keke! since kena poison ady aso by both of u..
    i wish i have one now n shoot u..wukakakaa
    poisoned dream tonight for salmon-licious!!!

    p/s: i need medicine to cure it, hu can save me from DSLR virus...wuwuw!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  11. Most of time yea, you commented alot!! unlike MAtthew, said will comment in each of the post but I have not seen his shadow lately @@

    Wah...10 poses, on random times...cant be too much of hitoMism

    Hmm, you din change the camera setting. it is P mode. I have set it earlier on but glad that the pictures are not too bad. Shaky hands I also have. Need to practice to eliminate it

    I love the HOle picture I said, I would take it too!!

    Eric dah Kaku...

    Buy both?? no need is enough. 1000D not pro, buy 40D!

    there is No cure for it unless you have not touched it for like years??

  12. haaa...dar pig busy for his own thingy wher gt so free comment u ler...
    u scold him when c him laa
    i know chris lately..
    he view my blog from d comment i giv u..haaa!!!
    duno he gt get d nuffnang music bash tickey wit his piano compose songs nt..

    10poses shudnt b tough for my dear hitomi D
    yap..shaky hands..duno y!!~~
    mus get rid of it..!
    haa..i aso love dat one can guess wad dat i guess..

    he gt kaku expression only..haa!
    lidat i pk lo...yap..kenot get close to DSLR ady!!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  13. Yea, i know...exam is coming soon for everybody LOL

    O.o maybe 10 poses is not a problem.
    Must try to stablize is a must. Unless you get canon for image stabiliser function.

    what you guessed??

    Eric memang no other pose edi wakaka!!
    yes you cannot touch it anymore!!

  14. he?? me yes larrr...i gota wory for sure
    since working pc fair tiz weekends
    come drop by to shot me..haha
    then i b d only show guy shoot by a female photographers..sure fame liao..whoa!!yesh~~

    ok..then i shud buy cam wit anti shake function so dat wont blur ler..
    got use d nt???
    i gota surrender avoid meeting wit DSLR..
    might get myself a new digital cam in pc fair...persuading dad ady!!~~
    let's go shooting if i gt!!
    digital cam vs DSLR.nt syok pun!!
    i wana DSLR laaaa....
    hands itchy!~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.O

  15. no energy to go PC fair edi lo..dah went clubbing and bash

    yea, must get it because it helps you get better pictures

    Hehe...kan dah kata jangan touch DSLR edi...some more touch 40D lol


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