Mar 27, 2009

CoOl aNimation

Feel Bored and wonder wHat to do while surfing Aimlessly??

I am bloGging at work right Now. Just waNna run the risk of Sharing this Cool animation with you^^


Definitely not Spam or Virus. Rest assured^^


  1. hiTomi,

    Very cool video.

    Still fun to watch, altough it has been around for at least two years.

    That being said, I have felt that way when playing with Flash and Photoshop. I now use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 for graphic and photo editing.


  2. it was my first time seeing it though it has been around for two years!!

    slow in catching up^^

    Whoa, all sounds so strange to me. I never have the chance to use photoshop yet!!

    Still, I would love to preserve the original photos^^

  3. hiTomi,

    You do not need photoshop to preserve orignal photos.

    Another popular KL blogger is

    She has at a few articles on how Photoshop can improve any picture.
    For most folks, better skin, no blemishes, a few figure enhancments. She doe this in order to make people realize that every thing you on the web is not always what one sees in the real world.

    BTW I use the Corel program because it can do 98% of what photoshop can, and cost much less.

    I also sent you a picasa link.


  4. LOL.. best!! *yawnnnnn* finally done with my musicon post.. LOL =D so goign DCIM tomoro eh??

  5. David, you have got me wrong. I mean I prefer my photo not being edited as in what xiaxue has been doing

    i see...What is your job actually??

    Andrew, whoa....Yes yes going to DCIM


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