Mar 22, 2009

Malaysian DreamGirl II Cat waLkS II @ Mist Club - 160309

aLot of people have commented that My BloG is haPpening lately... certain tiMe frame yea, but it seems liKe I am running out of HapPenings around

MalaysiaN dream Girls @ Mist Club has not fully reported by HitoMi here.

HaVe you Checked the PreLude, the CatwaLk I, the InteraCtions went around??

One thing I could guarantee you : Hitomi is writiNg a Detailed report on the Event itself - so stay miGht missed it but You won't, so long you read My bloggie^^

tHis is My pass for the Day - being the Media for the first tiMe lol...

with My girl friend here, ViVian...sHe is so AvRil, don't you think so??

As the title speaks for itself, tHis is the seCOnd catwalk after the InteraCtions & soMe plain CLubbing soNgs by DJ..the sad thing is NObody really clubs because they were either too lazy to move around or with Bulky DSLR...oh MaN!!

OKie...without further ado, proudly presents, HitOmi's shot on CheonG sam Cat walk

Full lengTh shoot - Hard to Get man!!

DaWn in CheonG sam - she is Tall & SliM & DeMure

DeNezia in CheoNg sam - sWeet 17 girl here...

CheOng sams are all very Beautiful and love the details on the fabric itself..

JuaNita looks weird in CheonG sam in this Picture - bit too Baggy perhaps??

Half lenGth shot does Good haha^^

as Usual, undereXposed sial... Floral theMe

Love this thing about CheoNg sam, it will visually lengthen your body, so You appear to be SliMmer and Taller!!

Do You Get what Am I saying??

Nice POstuRe

RuNway baBe!!

after CheoNg sam catWalk, it was then followed by fasHioN show of LimKokWing's fashion design students' masterPiece.

theMe: BlaCk

seXy back , Yeah!! I love this dreSs

their Works are Great, I love theM, always surprise me with what they have.

Classy and...


tHis is soMething I would buy if I were a celebrity LOL

I said If I were...hehe...

PrinCess DresS, short but pOMpy...

SuitaBLe for non-celebrity Me

MiNg, the Skinniest and shortest in MaLaysian DreamGirl but she has the Face that no One else has...

See, DSLR on actioN, but wHat I have is Just a DiGicam...

But the AnGle is Not bad...just that the Girls won't look here, Most of the TiMe...

fiNal runDown...sHow us what You have Got, Babe!! and there it goes, it Concluded the FinaLe of Malaysian Dream Girl 2 live in Mist Club.

WeNt hoMe pretty late. Got myself Bathed and Dozed off real soOn...what a TiRiNg day but HoPe you guys enJoy the Pictures...thougH it might not be of Quality...

HitoMi is SigniNg off to finish My ACCA SimpSon scholarship Essay!!


  1. wah..MEDIA...
    how u get it? ha

  2. how I get it??
    I got my invites as bloggers then they gave me Media passes LOL

    Everybody is Media man!!
    Upper floor is VIP

  3. hitomi,

    Hello! I followed the link at to your blog.

    You are so cute! Curious question, why are you trying to change your name to a japanese name?

    Brush up you walk, visit Ringo for some makeup and modeling tips and you could try out for next seasons Malayasiandreamgirl!

    Nice blog, fun to read.


  4. David!! you got so many blogs...

    Thanks for compliment haha...Yea la...kawaii des...

    Coz special and also I look bit Japanese too..

    Modeling?? hard complexion damn skin damn dry...and I am damn not slim

  5. Hitomi,

    You are slim! Do you want to look like an insect.

    You are indeed kawaii!

    Modeling is hard work. It can be fun, lots of people like you, including creepy ones.

    Your blog is fun to read, and you are a treat for the eyes!


  6. You don't see my full body yet. SO don't judge too early.

    Yea yea Kawaii style la...Fun??you sound so experience??

    Thanks for compliments^^

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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