Mar 19, 2009

Malaysian DreamGirls II CatWalks @ Mist CLub - 160309

HitoMi HiSses :
DaMn freaking TiRing week Man...but I still Have to Update tHis, for You Guys!! CheeRs~~

FiNally, ElaiNe Daly appeared on the StaGe
. sHe is Pretty, but I spotted spare tyres on Her!!

See it?? It is Kind of Unexpected from Her, yea, at least to Me.

tHe first Ever Cat waLk by Malaysian DreamGirls was spoNsored by what else would be dressed on 12girLs??

LinGeries!! IntroDucing Dawn

tHis is JuaNita... I love her Short Hair, daMn stYlish and CooL...but she looked demure Here...

Sad to say, not much LiNgeries shots will be posted because Most of theM turned out to be Blurred...

ElaiNe was dressed in WaCoal's LinGerie too!! deFinitely SeXy~~

PiNk LiNgerie with Nice combination

I kinda like the DesiGn & toNe...

artiStic feel~~

sHooting withOUt flash is Deadly ChallenGing, especially with My pinkish Camera.

so I have eDited most of the PiCtures here...

Gosh, would grab theM some day, EspeCially the RighT PinK toP!!

WaCoal Boss presented RM 1000 Cheque to One of the Girls for best Cat walk - $$$$

aNother set of Cat walk photos Here...

DressEs by ViVi Chea, if I am not mistaKen...

I hardLy recall who are the 12 girls, except few whom I pretty fond of

DaWn was lOoking into the CAmera, thank GooDness!!

I StoOd at the pretty strateGic place, shoOting at the AngLe like tHese with ZoOm...

WouLd say not that Bad but...But...Most of the GirLs would not Look over Here maN...that's why I hardly captured any of TheM staring into my camera.

the WaVy dresses just has the power of Airiness...

FloWery, but way too COmplicated

I have Got alot of UndereXposed or overeXposed pictures...Contrast is very TerriBle.

LiKe this One, I have boOsted the Contrast so it Looks Nicer.

But I was aMazed at tiMes, of the Photos that CapturEd just the RighT moMent, which I have Not expected, AT ALL - that is what I called "MotiOn"

ShOoting with ISO 800, expoSure of -1.0 most of the Time, under exPosure and Noise are Unavoidable.

You haVe got it, Babe!!

FloOding COnfiDenCe

NiCe dress for WeDDing diNner - RighT one

so How do You thiNk of My pictures?? All are taKen withOUt flash, not a SinGle oNe!!

UpNext, SeXy daNce & raNdom sNap shots (video is Included)


  1. *blood dripping* many pics of girls ar....=P

  2. 'You haVe got it, Babe!!', and 'FloOding COnfiDenCe' are nicely done. :)

    thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  3. Sin, of course is all about GIRLSSSSS

    Julian, thanks for the comment!! welcoMe to my blog too

  4. Your pics is quite good.

    Keep it up!!!

  5. Eric, finally saw your official comment here^^

    See you next week

  6. omg...
    lingerie runway show???
    luckily nt hunks underwear show..
    otherwise hitomi camera would b busy-ing ...!!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  7. It is Malaysian DreamGirl..not dreamGuy...Mana ada hunk??


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