Mar 31, 2009

CaNon EOS 1000D virGin shots

Wakaka...toDay is the Third day already but I Have Not really shoot soMething which I think InterestiNg and imPressive. Still need tiMe to get to Know my caMie yea^^

Here are soMe VirGiN shots...

reMember I said where we settled doWn?? Just underneath this LaMp^^

SaLmoN FussinG with LeNs caps LOL...Dai sai Ciu

CaNon advertiseMent ^^ DelighTing you always...was TryiNg BokeH shot - 50mm, 1/80s, F2.2, ISO 400, Manual Mode, Flash off - DOne by EriC, the Sifu

SaLmon has GOt poiSoned!!

He played with 40D wei!!

StiLL got loads of pictures with EriC but I have no Idea when he Could have Processed theM...I am Waiting, EriC!!

TesT shOts yesterday~~

Halo, everyBody I am 1, I am 2, I am 3, I am 4, I am 5

Be paTient yea, wait in Line, that's riGht!!

4 waNna ask 5 soMething but sHy sHy

5 & 1 - unKnoWn seCrets... the Rest were Busy ke Po-ing edi

1 Feels daMn unCOmfortable as he Overheard 2 & 3's conVersations

suBject chaNged^^

waNt soMe ciNnamon stiCk??

It is ChrisTmas Deco, hand Made by my Cousin's wiFe^^ very Cute LadyBird


  1. good try but most are under-exposed.

  2. I know...any advice to overcome it?

  3. I know...any advice to overcome it?

  4. i think hv to add more lighting to the object

  5. icalvyn, that is what I think too^^ the room Light is not good enough!! need a lamp lol

  6. try to use lower aperture and reduce the shutter speed, set the dial to manual and play around with these settings and u will get it. if too dark then use iso400, anything more than that will cause noise in ur image.

  7. dai sai ciu look so Q..
    gota ask eric d pic..
    yalorr..salmon-licious being poisoned by hitomism..hw ah hw ah??
    u larrrrrrrrr....
    poison SS DSLR Queen..

    o.O Snakey Salon Fishy O.o

  8. Munak, I was using Manual mode for all the shots in this post. Haven try out other modes yet. Since it is better to start exploring with M.

    Hmm, okie...will try it out next time. I didn't realise it is so underexposed when I saw it on the DSLR screen.

    I think canon is pretty good in coping with noise. ISO 1600 wil not cause much problem too. Should have use F3.5 and 1/50 because the 7th picture is not that underexposed, isn't it??

  9. Cute right the Dai sai Ciu look??
    Ask eric the pictures?? It is in my blog so you can just grab it ^^

    NO, you are being poisoned by DSLR-crazy-virus, not my HitoMism

    Who ask you to touch DSLR, once you touch it, you will get poisoned. not that I didn't warn you!!

  10. y name me dai sai!!
    yap..u post all d pic u gt??
    i grab ady..
    sambil grab..sambil laugh..!
    DSLR gt crazy virus d oh? hee..!~
    ok poison SS i poison..
    nothing else could recover unless i get myself a cam or DSLR ady..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  11. Dai sai Ciu is funny, don't you think so?? One big one small...

    I uploaded most of them. Some i filtered out.

    DSLR is poisonous...super will make you fall deeper and deeper...

  12. haaa..
    poser me~~
    new name for me ah? Dai sai!

    ok..i hate being poison ady!!~~
    luckily jus 1st time..i can get rid it fast....

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  13. tau pun urself is a poser...can use that nick also LOL

    Better get rid it fast fast lo..if not you will go bankrupt soon!!


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