Mar 5, 2009

BaSkin & CoCktaiL

Let me recall...the last tiMe I have been to Baskin was on New Year eVe!! tHis tiMe was the saMe old Place of BaskiN which I last visited.

gOod thing is they Have alot of FlavoRs...alot of ChocoLatiers!!

Heee...tHis is what I opted for. Choco Choco!! Wonder wHy they define as Destination 31

Here is My sHare of the Day!! two ScooPs of different FlaVor..both Are YuMMyliCious

tHis is soMeone you should have Know why

soMe sNap shots by HiM

wiTh my OlymPus because He didn't bring HiS

BeFore we Left BasKin, he Insisted to take A shot. And I gave him two. This one turns out to be ArTiStic Because the people around is being Blurred...

aLot of people HanGing out on FriDay Night

LoVe corriDor shot as usual. I love the Lines in action^^

aHa...this One looks like He is proMoting for Thai Express..

aGain, he Insisted of going for a Drink before MOvie started. so We went to TGIF, which is My second Visit.

PaDahalNya he wanted to Smoke...CleVer duDe

we Had two ULTIMATES..not the UltiMade Mocha I had in Coffee Bean

aNother thing is they SerVe liQuors...

My dress of the Day

UltiMate eLectric LemonaDe, I think...

UltiMate June BuG & Marlboro ( Come it is In this picture!!)


aFter multiPle shots, finally he Had captured oNe which is acceptable. Most of the tiMe it was Blurred and eventually Deleted By ME!!

now My turn taking HiM...If me I take One shot then Gao Dim, niCe and steady...just random blurness due to Handshake but if HiM, don't know la...


  1. horrr..scandalous :P

  2. wah...ur BR post...reminds me of 31st of every month discount....u tempt ler....but is midnight now to find BR icecream???

  3. Yatz, not as scandalious as You :p

    Valentino, Hehe...grab it the next morning which is today!!wee...I love ice cream...

  4. yorrrr..
    Baskin Robbin..
    my mouth is melting for it.
    y u eat so much nvr gain weight d arr?

    date him again..haha!!!
    i almost can recognize his tatoo 7 also
    he wana pikat u?kaka

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  5. Yea!! Baskin Robbin!!
    I eat much I also got gain weight de...hee...

    Yea, it is him again. You haven recognise har?? He is the only one i know with Tattoo lo.

    SOmehow you are right man...

  6. i recognize him in ur blog edi even no c him in real laaa.........
    then only one wit tatoo.
    ic ..
    bt gt tatto doesnt mean is bad guy laaa..
    even i dun like tatoo guy
    *speechless* suddenly..
    my guess always tat right!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  7. geng. Undeniable you are good in recognising people...

    I dislike the tattoo too...cacatkan the view edi. Haiz...

    your guess is??


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