Mar 8, 2009

AppreCiative & ranDom

It is Sunday Morning, though it does not matter much. I want to get rest after the 6days hectic life. toMorrow is holiday too but I have no plan =.=

::: Another random Piece of Mine :::

I had pretty lot of fun and sweat yesterday. reMember the free TriaL latin Dance??
We had CHa cha for an hour and a half. It was really Great doing stuff like this, and we get to sweat alot!!

::: How frequent that You loOk into tiny little PieCes of things that you would have not noticed?? :::

I would say a good way to Get sliMmer body *thumbs Up* and the great thing is it is real Cheap!!

::: soMetimes I do because I love things to be Shot in different Angles that normal people would not do, unless you are into Photography :::

aNybody interested?? just give Me a comment or chat box. I would get back to you real soon.

::: aM I right?? Photographers will Give you surprise at how you capture Things differently than Others do.:::

:::::: tHe end of Section One ::::::::::

ShaLL we beGin secTion Two??

tHis is the First eVer parCel I have received In my whole Life~Really thanks to Jordan @ Aussie

It costs alot just for the transportation...But I know that does not matter...

It says " Reflecting Light from Within" - that is So sweet of You, Jordan...

Guess what?? at first I thought it was made of Clay but when I hold it in my hand, it is way Lighter, and it is Made of Willow tree!! HOw cool is it??
it is totally Hand Carved by Susan Lordi, and it means to be meaningful to both receiver and giver

BeSides the NiCE angel from JOrdan, this is his Belated xMas BookMark, but it is ok. You are really MY GOoD di di...

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