Feb 26, 2009

You have Choice

I remember this particular statement from someone :
You have choices in everything. Yes, Everything.
I wonder sometimes.
Am I such a pleaser?
And to who?
To a certain extent, I do not really think I am because when I am happy I can joke and play with you. To an undefined extent. Super Crazy Mode on can?? I definitely Can!!
COme to think of it, the person I please the MOst is My mom.

tHe reasons shall be pretty common.
  • First of all, I want to Go out without her objection
  • Secondly, I want her not to worry so much.
  • Thirdly, I want to maintain the level of compromization.

eVerytime I voice up to her that I am going to this or that, she sure shoots up with this particular Line - "Why you always go Out one?? Cannot stay home??"
toDay is the Same oLd shit again but different day.

What I did is keep silence all the way she Nags nags and Nags. So long as I can Go out. That's it!! I can just keep my mouth shut and get what I want.
there are lots of issues that I haven't and might choose not to bring to her attention.

First of all, FREEDOM.

FOr your information, Hitomi is going 21 in June. 21 okie...it means to get all the FREEDOM you want. Going out for midnight shows, clubbings, yumcha sessions.
THough, Hitomi has Never eVer and WOuld VOLUNTEERILY choose to discuss this particular issue with her. Because I know what she will say.

"Why must you go out until so late?? A lady driving at midnights super Dangerous."
Well yea, I know I know. I know it because you have been repeating it countlessly. I could understand this. And I do make up for the Curfew. SO that she would not need to worry or stuffs. Would she ever know how mUch I wanted the FREEDOM??
Bet she knew because she was Once a young Lady.

Once it is brought to the agenda, I am very Sure that it would be a clear statement that this this this and that that that. At least now that I can still go over the limit. Just that she would show her faces in front of me. I just remained ignorance.

Why can't you just say " so early ar??" - guess I am dreaming man...if My mom ever said that then she is out of her Mind. eVen you listen to this statement will be stunned in awe and go Home earlier, won't you?? Erm...perhaps you don't.

Yea. so the thing is I am a BIG SUPER DUPER TRIPLE QUADRUPLE PLEASER in front of my mom.

You see the tricks of MiNe :
Before I voice up to her, I will see the weather. Then I would help her do to her houseworks. Be more hardworking *ahem*. And inform her in the softest voice as possible, meaning to say, I would not want to get her annoyed.

Choice is I go against her and make me a Mother Fucking princess. Yea, go out till Midnights. I wanted so Much. But still taking care of my safety being well enough. What are consequences if I bring this issue to her??
My mom ain't that reasonable sometimes. She tends to say it all HER OWN WAY and you have no WAY IN. so Basically it is just SHUT IT OFF.

So?? Keep it to Myself and You or Bring to Her??
It is such a Dilemma!! I hate myself being in such a situation. I am such a PLeaser which I dun like. I wanna stay Outside!! And I can do whatever I want and go wherever I wish.


  1. haha
    juz get used to it laaa.
    my mum aso d sam
    but slowly atleast she wil let me out sumtimes late bit..........
    sumtimes i bck she slept.
    nex day gt scold lo
    but i heard my fren all like cinderella guy.
    kenot ltr than 11pm home
    i guess i m bit better than them
    slowly..i believe ur mum wil let u hv it.....
    haix..i wish now lidat too.
    bt they jus too over worry i guess........
    wut to do huh??

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  2. Slowly?? I think she takes it for granted to a certain extent. She never know how compromising am I. I could just ignore her


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